6 Best 36-Inch Kitchen Tables: Round, Square, Rectangular

Have you been looking for the best 36-inch kitchen table that will perfectly fit into your home?

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I found, reviewed, and compared six of the best models that are available for sale. Check them out, find out more about the beneficial features they offer, and choose the best one.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 36 Inch Kitchen Table
Best Of Best 36 Inch Kitchen Table Rundown Carol’s Inspirations Kitchen Table Set
A family dining set that features a long-lasting design and a premium topcoat that provides it with additional durability.
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Best Steel 36 Inch Kitchen Table
Best Steel 36 Inch Kitchen Table Rundown Rockpoint Kitchen Prep & Work Table
A stainless steel kitchen table that is made for versatile use and comes with a safety NSF certificate.
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Best High 36 Inch Kitchen Table
Best Island 36 Inch Kitchen Table Rundown Linon Brown 3-Piece Table
A space-saving island kitchen table that comes with padded stools that perfectly fit beneath the table.
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Best Square 36 Inch Kitchen Table
Best Wooden 36 Inch Kitchen Table Rundwon E.W.F.S. Square Kitchen Table
A wooden kitchen table that features top-quality construction and comes with a set of sophisticated chairs.
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Best Round 36 Inch Kitchen Table
Best Glass 36 Inch Kitchen Table Rundown Modway Baton Modern Kitchen Table
A highly modern glass kitchen table that features a stainless steel base and a tempered glass tabletop surface.
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Best Wooden 36 Inch Kitchen Table
Best Small 36 Inch Kitchen Table Rundown International Concepts Ped Table
A pedestal base kitchen table that features a standard height and is made specifically for residential use.
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6 Best 36-Inch Kitchen Tables

Best Of Best 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Carol’s Inspirations Kitchen Table Set

Family Set
If you are looking for the perfect family table set, this kitchen table is a great choice. It consists of a rectangular table that can seat up to 6 people comfortably. The best thing is that matching chairs come included in the package.

Best Of Best 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Hand Crafted Quality
Another thing worth mentioning is that this 36-inch kitchen table is entirely handcrafted. This is an amazing thing because it means that your dining room table will be one of a kind. Its hand-worn edges and distressed accents will provide a bit of a modern farmhouse charm to your home.

Long-Lasting Design
Because of its 100% solid maple wood construction, this table provides both high durability and stability and also amazing sturdiness. It also features a beautiful neutral Sandstone Brown hue finish that provides additional contrast to its white legs.

Carol's Inspirations Kitchen Table Set

Premium Topcoat
Its premium topcoat is specially added to ensure that the tabletop surface doesn’t get damaged by accidental spill stains that often happen. This means that you will be able to enjoy its beautiful design for a much longer time.

Short Description:

  • a rectangular table that seats up to 6 people
  • made out of solid maple wood material
  • features a beautiful handcrafted quality
  • provides a modern farmhouse charm
  • specially designed for long-lasting use
  • premium topcoat for additional durability
  • matching chairs come included in the package

Best Steel 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Rockpoint Kitchen Prep & Work Table

Stainless Steel Construction
As opposed to the rest of the models, I reviewed in this post, this table is made out of high-quality stainless steel material. It provides it with amazing durability and high resistance to all kinds of exterior damages including rust, corrosion, scratches, spill stains, etc.

Best Steel 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Versatile Use
Because of its highly durable stainless steel construction, this 36-inch kitchen table is a great choice for versatile surroundings. You can use it to prepare food inside your home but also in professional restaurants, hotel kitchens. food bars, etc.

Height-Adjustable Shelf
A great user-friendly feature of this stainless steel table is its bottom storage shelf. Since the table is designed for meal preparation you can use it to keep your ingredients nearby. The best thing is that you can adjust its height to meet your needs.

Rockpoint Kitchen Prep & Work Table

NSF Certified
Note that this meal-prep kitchen table is NSF certified. This means that the manufacturer used only raw FDA-approved materials to construct the table. Thanks to this feature you can be sure that it is completely food-safe.

Short Description:

  • 18-gauge 430 stainless steel construction
  • specially designed for meal preparation
  • a highly practical 1.3 inches high backsplash
  • great for domestic and professional environments
  • height-adjustable bottom storage shelf
  • come with an NSF safety certificate

Best High 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Linon Brown 3-Piece Table

3-Piece Set
This table set consists of one island-like 42.25” W x 22.13” D x 36.25” H table and two 13.75” W x 13.75” D x 25” H bar stools. Keep in mind that the table can withstand the weight of around 200 lbs while each stool can carry a load of up to 275 lbs.

Best Island 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Space-Saving Design
The great thing about this 36-inch counter height table is that, because of its island-like design, it has a somewhat smaller footprint. More importantly, the included stools are designed to fit beneath the table to ensure that they don’t take up any additional space.

Table Top Finish
This 36-inch kitchen table features a beautiful marble tabletop finish. It provides it with a much more classic style thanks to which it will perfectly fit into versatile surroundings. You can use it both as a dining table and as a working table inside your office.

Linon Brown 3-Piece Table

Padded Stools
Included with this marble dining table set come two bar stools that are completely padded with black vinyl seat covers. Thanks to this feature they will be much more comfortable to sit on. They even have additional bars that will let you rest your feet while sitting.

Short Description:

  • comes in a space-saving size
  • a beautiful marble tabletop finish
  • 200lbs table weight capacity
  • padded with black vinyl seats
  • 275 lbs stool weight capacity

Best Square 36 Inch Kitchen Table

E.W.F.S. Square Kitchen Table

Product Dimensions
This dining room kitchen table is 36-inch long and wide and is 30-inch high. The two included chairs are 21-inch long, 17 inches wide, and 35 inches high. This makes it the perfect kitchen table for a smaller family or people who have a somewhat smaller amount of space in their home.

Best Wooden 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Top Quality Construction
You can be sure that this 36 inch square kitchen table set features amazing quality. It is entirely constructed out of top-quality Asian solid hardwood. Note that it doesn’t contain any heat-treated pressured wood such as MDF or Particle Board.

Oak Finish
The beautiful oak finish, this two-seater dining table features, enhances the style of each room you place it in. Because of its design, this table will easily fit into your kitchen or a dining room and take as little space as possible while providing enough space to seat two to four people comfortably.

E.W.F.S. Square Kitchen Table

Sophisticated Chairs
Alongside this 36-inch kitchen table come two sophisticated-looking chairs. They are upholstered in a light Fawn color fabric which makes them much more comfortable to sit in. They also have comfortable back support that will help you relax and enjoy your free time.

Short Description:

  • top quality Asian solid hardwood construction
  • features a beautiful oak finish
  • upholstered Fawn color table chairs
  • no MDF, particleboard, or veneer top fabricated

Best Round 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Modway Baton Modern Kitchen Table

Modern Design
This is another 36-inch round glass dining table that features a highly modern design. The reason behind that is very obvious, it comes with a glass tabletop surface. This means that you will be able to fit it into versatile surroundings including your dining room, kitchen, or even balcony.

Best Glass 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Tempered Glass Surface
The top of this 36-inch kitchen table is made out of tempered glass which is much more durable than the “regular” glass. Thanks to this feature the table will be able to withstand a much higher load and it won’t break under the weight of your dining sets.

Durable Base
No need to worry whether this 36 in round kitchen table will provide enough stability or not. It features a durable chrome-plated steel base that provides it with amazing durability. This means that the table will have a much longer lifespan and will be able to withstand a higher load.

Modway Baton Modern Kitchen Table

Plastic Foot Caps
The mentioned base features plastic foot caps. This means that this glass dining table won’t damage the surface of your floors or tiles. Additionally, this table is very easy to clean. Everything you need to do is wipe its tabletop surface clean.

Short Description:

  • 35.5″L x 35.5″W x 29″H dining table
  • features a beautiful modern design
  • durable tempered glass tabletop surface
  • high-quality chrome-plated steel base
  • comes with plastic foot caps
  • very easy to clean and maintain

Best Wooden 36 Inch Kitchen Table

International Concepts Ped Table

Small Size
Due to its dark round design, this 36-inch round wood table may feel a bit smaller than the rest of the listed models. However, it is the same size as the previous round table I reviewed in this post. It can work perfectly as a dining room table, a small breakfast table, coffee table, etc.

Best Small 36 Inch Kitchen Table

Standard Height
Even though this round pedestal dining table doesn’t come with additional chairs, it does come in a standard height. Thanks to this feature you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect stools that will perfectly fit next to the table.

Pedestal Base
This table features a beautiful pedestal base. Its four feet will provide the table with the stability it requires. Additionally, since its base is lifted from the floor, you won’t have to move it around to clean the floors beneath it.

International Concepts Ped Table

Residential Use
If you decide you want to buy this 36-inch kitchen table you need to keep in mind that it is made only for residential use. For professional surroundings, you should check out more durable models that can withstand the high demands of professional surroundings.

Short Description:

  • standard table height for chairs
  • 4-feet for maximum support
  • made only for residential use
  • not intended for commercial use

What To Consider About The Best 36-Inch Kitchen Tables?

All 36-inch kitchen tables I reviewed in this post feature a beautiful design. More importantly, they can be used as dining tables, coffee tables, etc. Here are some things you should consider to ensure that you choose the perfect one.

Table’s Size – If you are looking for the best breakfast nook dining set for your home, you need to know how big of a table you can fit into the desired environment. Both smaller and larger models come in a beautiful design. Simply choose the one that fits your needs the best.

User-Friendly Features – Always make sure that the model you decide to buy provides some user-friendly features. These may include a high-quality topcoat that prevents scratches and stains, a tabletop backsplash, an additional storage shelf, foot caps that keep your floors safe from damages, etc.

Durable Design – Whether you are looking for a professional or a home model, you need to make sure that your kitchen table provides amazing durability. Both steel and wooden tables can provide amazing quality and durability. To ensure that you need to pay attention to the construction material.

Quality Certificates – When purchasing a commercial model, there are some certificates you can look for that ensure the top quality of the model. For example, NSF-certified tables are made out of only raw FDA-approved materials that fit into specific standards for food safety and sanitation.

Price Range – The last thing you need to consider is how much money can you afford to spend on a 36-inch kitchen table you like. The models I reviewed above range between 150 and 2000 dollars to ensure that you can easily find the one that perfectly fits into your budget.

To Wrap It Up

The best 36-inch kitchen table is the Carol’s Inspirations Kitchen Table Set. It is a beautiful family set that consists of a dining table and six additional chairs. More importantly, it is hand-made, meaning that it is one of the kind. Find out more about the difference between the best 10 ft dining tables and the best 10 ft kitchen islands and find out which one suits your needs better.

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