Best 6 White Juicers Offer On The Market In 2022 Reviews

You’re looking for a white juicer, but you’re not sure which one will fit your lifestyle the best?

We are bringing you reviews of the 6  different models to give you the best perspective while choosing the one that is right for you. Read this post and find out which juicer is your best fit!

The Rundown

White JuicePro Press Juicer rundown-imgWhite JuicePro Press Juicer
Modern and quiet, this juicer is made to give you all the nutrients from the fruits without the additional mess.
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Jack LaLanne’s Juicer
This juicer is great for families since it has a whisper-quiet motor and gives you 30% more juice when squeezing.
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Luukmonde Citrus Juicer rundown-imgLuukmonde Citrus Juicer
With two sizes of the cones, this juicer is great for grapefruits, as well as for lemons and limes.
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Off-White Smeg Citrus Juicer rundown-imgOff-White Smeg Citrus Juicer
With its retro style in radiant off-white color, this juicer is designed to last and stand out in the kitchen.
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Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor rundown-imgHamilton Beach Juice Extractor
This big juicer smooths juice in only few seconds and is suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
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Omega Professional Juicer rundown-imgOmega Professional Juicer
This classically designed juicer is made to provide you a good performance and even better drink.
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Best 6 White Juicer Reviews


White JuicePro Press Juicer

Design With Extra Touch
This modern juicer is made of high-quality materials that are FDA certificated and BPA-free, and it comes in white color with black details. Due to its design, it can fit in the kitchen of any style, bringing that extra touch to the interior.

White JuicePro Press Juicer

Quiet Power
The JuicePro Press Juicer is a professional juicer that has dimensions of 17.5 x 12.6 x 7.7 inches and weighs 9.38 pounds. The juicer has a powerful, but quiet 150 Watt motor that gives you fresh juice in a couple of seconds and it’s suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Simple And Safe
The juicer’s design is quite simple and easy to use. It has a small feeder chute that gives you safe input of the fruit and vegetables, without scattering the food all around it. You have just one button with two switches that control the direction of the spinning spiral.

White JuicePro Press Juicer Review

Maximum Of Health
The spiral made for juicing comes as a 7-segment Spril system made of PEI material. Due to its design, it gives you a maximum of the food’s juice while the oxidation is reduced to a minimum. This white juicer is designed to give you nutritious ingredients and fresh juices every day.

Clean Choice
As it is already mentioned, the juicer is quite simple, but it also represents a clean version of juicing without the additional mess. This juicer comes with a cleaning brush so the machine can be cleaned in a few moments.

Short Description:

  • modern design great for every kitchen
  • strong and quiet 150 Watt motor
  • 7-segment Spril system to maximize the juice
  • safe input of food without the additional mess
  • comes with a cleaning brush to ease the process


Jack LaLanne’s Juicer

White With Silver Details
With its simple design in white, this juicer is a great option for kitchens with a minimalist design that wants to emphasize clean lines and simplicity. This white juicer comes in a combination with silver details for a sleek design, as well as with a transparent juice container.

Jack LaLanne's Juicer

Option For Families
This Jack LaLanne juicer comes with a 3600 RPM motor that is whisper-quiet. Its design is made to squeeze as much juice as it can, so in the end, it gives you up to 30% more juice. Due to its quiet motor, this juicer is a great option for home use and families with kids.

Safety First
Jack LaLanner’s Juicer has a feature that is controlled by the heat so in the case of an overheat, it will stop with the work until it cools down. Also, be very careful with the blade. It is quite sharp because it gives you delicious juice, but be careful when handling and cleaning

Jack LaLanne's Juicer review

Simple Cleaning
While cleaning, the power must be turned off. You first need to unplug the power and separate all the parts. You’ll only need a sponge and water, as well as a little soap. This juicer’s base is not dishwasher safe, so clean it due to its instructions.

Bonus Recipes
This juicer is good for a variety of fruits, but do not use it for bigger ones with harder skin. If you need a little inspiration for some recipes, the juicer comes with a recipe book that will guide you through your new and healthy lifestyle.

Short Description:

  • simple design in white with silver details
  • the powerful whisper-quiet motor of 3600 RPM
  • suitable for families with children due to its quiet work
  • the juicer is not dishwasher safe, it needs to be hand washed
  • the juicer is not dishwasher safe, it needs to be hand washed


Luukmonde Citrus Juicer

Simple Design
A simple combination of white color, transparent juice container, and a glimpse of pastel green, truly fits the technical specification of the juicer intended for beginners. The container comes with a measuring scale so it is easy to control the amount of the squeezed juice.

Luukmonde Citrus Juicer

Quiet Motor
The white juicer comes with a slow speed electric squeezer. Due to its power, the squeezer doesn’t heat the juice and retains all the aromas and vitamins of the fruits. The high power of the motor is 40W and it has a quiet operation. Due to its stable base, the motor produces less noise.

Size And Safety
With the dimensions of 9.21 x 7.32 x 7.24 inches and the weight of 1.96 pounds, the juicer has a large capacity of almost 34 oz. The materials are environmentally friendly and BPA-free so the juicer is entirely food-safe.

Luukmonde Citrus Juicer review

Two Cones For Fruits
The juicer comes with two different cones to have a better fit with all kinds of fruits. The bigger cone is suitable for bigger fruits such as grapefruits and oranges, while the smaller cone fits lemons and limes. The juicer also has a filtration system that eliminates the pulp giving you smooth juice.

Usage For The Beginners
The use of the juicer is simple. When you choose the right cone size, just push down the fruit to juice. When you want to stop, release the pressure. In order to clean the juicer, all the parts of it must be detached. The parts are dishwasher-safe. While not using the juicer, put the dust cover on the top.

Short Description:

  • combination of white and transparent
  • simple technical specifications suitable for beginners
  • quiet operation of the motor
  • two sizes of the cones for different sizes of fruits
  • easy to use and clean


Off-White Smeg Citrus Juicer

Specific Color And Design
White color, like any other, also has a variety of nuances that still fit its name, but has a little of specific glow. This Smeg citrus juicer comes in a cream off-white color and has a unique retro design. It is made of plastic but has stainless steel components.

Off-White Smeg Citrus Juicer

Technical Components
This juicer has a premium reamer that is stainless steel and anti-corrosive. Its strainer is strong and sharp and is good for squeezing small fruit, as well as large ones. The juicer comes in the dimensions of 6.54 x 6.54 x 11.06 inches and weighs around 5.5 pounds.

Designed To Last
Besides the stainless steel reamer and strainer, the inner bowl and ring are chrome plated and have an anti-drip stainless steel spout. The white Smeg juicer is designed to be functional and durable, and with its 80W motor that has a built-in sensor, it gives you fresh and smooth juices every day.

Off-White Smeg Citrus Juicer Review

Little Pressure For Smooth Drink
To use the white juicer, you must put pressure on the reamer and it’s done. Easy, without any strength needed. When you finish, just release the pressure and enjoy freshly made juice that pours directly to the cup. The Tritan cover is great for dust protection when the juicer is not in use.

Variety Of Colors
This retro designed Smeg Juicer is great for fast and easy juicing and is suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetables. Its specific off-white color is quite radiant, and due to its unique style, the juicer also comes in black, pastel blue, pastel green, pink, and red color.

Short Description:

  • radiant off-white color with retro design
  • made of plastic with stainless steel components
  • the powerful motor of 80W with built-in sensor
  • a palette of different colors to choose
  • easy to use and clean


Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

Great In Size And Design
This quite big juicer comes in a combination of white, green, and transparent with a little dark gradation on the top. Hamilton Beach juice extractor looks like a typical kitchen tool that will, without a doubt,  fit in just right.

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

Perfect Dimensions For Whole Food
With the dimensions of 9.25 x13 x16.25 inches and the weight of 9.75 pounds, this juicer can make just enough juice in one try. It is made of plastic but has a stainless steel micro-mesh strainer and the Big Mouth feed chute of 3 inches width that can fit an entire apple inside, or even an orange and kale.

Smooth Juice In Seconds
Hamilton Beach juicer extractor comes with a powerful motor with 800 watts, and its speed and power are good for getting the maximum juice from the used ingredients. Thanks to good design, the juicer takes only a couple of seconds to turn the fruits and vegetables into a smooth juice

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor Review

More Time For Juicing
This juicer comes with a big pulp bin which will save you time from continuous emptying of the pulp, so you can focus on juicing and making fresh beverages. The juicer is suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as berries, celery, pineapple, grapes, ginger root, pears, tomatoes, and more. If you lack inspiration, the juicer comes with recipes and juicing tips.

Hand Wash Or Dishwash
The Hamilton Beach juicer white has all removable parts. The pusher, cover, strainer, pulp pin and bowl can and must be removed in order to be cleaned. All mentioned parts are BPA free and they are dishwasher safe. If you’re more into the hand wash, a handy cleaning brush is included in the package.

Short Description:

  • combination of white color and green details with a transparent bowl
  • made of plastic, but with a stainless steel strainer
  • strong motor with 800 watts
  • Big Mouth feed chute of 3 inches that can fit whole food
  • suitable for all sorts of fruits and vegetables


Omega Professional Juicer

Classic Design For Good Performanc
This white Omega’s Professional Citrus Juicer comes in a classic design suitable for every kitchen style. Its simplicity is good for all generations since it’s made for good performance and to give you a freshly squeezed juice throughout the day.

Omega Professional Juicer

Tech Specifications
The juicer is made of plastic, while the pulp strainer, as well as the bowl, are made of stainless steel. The dimensions of the juicer are 8.25 x 8.25 x 13.25 inches, while the weight is 7.5 pounds. It also has a 110/120 Volt model motor that is powerful enough for a variety of food.

Fast And Efficient
This white Omega juicer comes with 3 different size cones for juicing so you can adapt the machine to your desired fruit and vegetable. The juicer provides you with 150 rotations per minute so it’s fast and efficient, and it takes a small amount of time to make you a juice.

Omega Professional Juicer Review

No Mess, Just Juice
With one speed, and featuring non-slip feet, this juicer is a classic model that will give you the right amount of juice. Besides the 3 different cones, the juicer comes with a splash guard so you don’t have an additional mess, but just a time to enjoy your fresh beverage.

Commercial Grade Good For Home
When washing, this Omega juicer needs to be separated in parts, and make sure that it is detached from the electricity and the base while washing. It can be clean till you say fresh juice. The white juicer is commercial-graded and its performances provide you with what you need in your home.

Short Description:

  • classic design suitable for any style
  • simple in use, good in performance
  • one speed of 110/120 Volt motor
  • 150 rotations per minute
  • 3 different size cones suitable for a variety of food

What To Consider About White Juicers

There are all kinds of white juicers on the market. Whether your main component while choosing is color, material, maintenance, design, or additional options, here are some tips and guides that will help you with your choice!

Different Color Combinations – when choosing the white juicer, you’ll find out there is a palette of its nuances and its combinations with colors such as green, black, and silver. Choose the one that fits you the most, but have in mind that in case of a mess, stain, or dust, it will be firstly visible on white color.

What Material To Choose – juicers are often made of plastic so find the one that has a combination of plastic and some stronger material, such as stainless steel on some components to give you durability and good performance.

Easy Maintenance – even though the juicers are quite easy to clean and most of them are dishwasher-safe, there are still some models on the market that require a hand wash so be sure to check out the instructions that come with the package.

Adjust The Design – the market is full of different designs, so keep in mind your needs and desires. Pick the one for the beginners if you’re just starting with juicing, if you have children, pick the juicer that is quiet, or if you want a good capacity, pick the one that is intended for home use.

Additional Options – juicers often come with a couple of additional parts. If you want to make juices from the fruits in your family garden, you probably need a simpler juicer with one cone that is suitable for smaller fruit. If you perhaps aspire to make juices from a variety of different fruits and vegetables, choose the juicer that comes with at least 2 different sizes of cones suitable for bigger ingredients with harder skin.

To Wrap It Up

The best white juicer that I recommend is Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor. I would recommend this model because its capacity is suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetables, and it is made to provide more time for juicing, without the constant cleaning of the pulp. Also, the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor is suitable for both hand wash and dishwasher. If you’re interested in models that are similar to the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor that can juice a variety of whole food, read this post about whole fruit juicer. Also, if you’re interested in some other color of the juicers, read this post about 6 models of yellow juicers.

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