Best 6 Vintage & Antique Orange Juicers In 2022 Reviewed

You’re looking for a beautiful, as well as efficient vintage & antique orange juicer, but with all these different models, you’re just not sure which one to choose?

With these 6 different model reviews, find out which one will give you the most with its aesthetic and specifications. Read this post and see which model to choose!

The Rundown

Vollum Manual Fruit Juicer RundownVollum Manual Fruit Juicer
With its impressive vintage design, this juicer comes with a good crushing power suitable for oranges and pomegranates.
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Luminarc Glass Squeezer RundownLuminarc Glass Squeezer
This beautifully designed antique orange squeezer is simple to use, clean, and store, so it’s suitable for all household members.
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Slendor Manual Juicer RundownSlendor Manual Juicer
In a dashingly vintage red design, the juicer is a bit big but provides stability and extracts more juice due to the bigger squeeze cup.
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BEST HANDHELD ANTIQUE ORANGE JUICERAutomoness Orange Juicer RundownAutomoness Orange Juicer
This juicer is made of high-quality alloy aluminum and has good stability while juicing, while providing a smooth juice.
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Hic Citrus Juicer RundownHic Citrus Juicer
This glass juicer is small and antique and comes with a sharp-pointed reamer for more efficiency and quick juicing.
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Zulay Orange Squeezer RundownZulay Orange Squeezer
Designed to be suitable for a variety of sizes and fruit, this squeezer extract smooth juice without any pulp.
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Best 6 Vintage & Antique Orange Juicer


Vollum Manual Fruit Juicer

Impressive Vintage Design
With quite an impressive design, this vintage orange juicer comes with a beautiful silver rustic color detailing that looks almost like tinsels. The juicer comes with clean silver and black details, giving quite a professional and impressive look that is a good fit for minimalist, industrial or rustic kitchen interior.

Vollum Manual Fruit Juicer

Two Height Options
With its commercial juice extractor quality and specifications, this juicer is made to ease up the process of juicing oranges. It comes in the dimensions of 8.66 x 7.09 x 15.35 inches and it weighs 14.19 pounds. The juicer is also available with a height of 18.5 inches so you can choose the dimensions of the height that suit you the best.

Good Crushing Power
Due to its making, the juicer can withstand the pressure of up to 2 300 PSI so it comes with good crushing power that allows you to squeeze and juice oranges and pomegranates, as well as smaller fruit like lemon and limes. The base of the juicer is made of enamel coated cast iron, while the strainer and the funnel are made of stainless steel.

Vollum Manual Fruit Juicer Review

Safe And Easy To Use
This vintage orange juicer has rubber feet at the bottom that prevent moving or sliding while juicing. The handle is ergonomic and it gives a good and comfortable grip. The juicing process is relatively easy. The orange must be cut in half and then placed on the strainer. Pull the handle several times until the fruit is squeezed.

Clean Juicing, No Mess
The juicer has a design that minimalizes the mess and spillage. When it comes to the cleaning, all the detachable parts like the strainer and funnel are, thanks to their making, dishwasher safe. When it comes to cleaning other parts of the juicer, you can wipe them with a dry or wet cleaning cloth.

Short Description:

  • comes in an impressive vintage design
  • there are two options of the height to choose from
  • crushing power suitable for oranges and pomegranates
  • combination of enamel coated cast iron and stainless steel
  • design is made to minimalize the mess during juicing


Luminarc Glass Squeezer

Classic And Antique
The beautiful detailing of this squeezer really brings up an impressive and elegant antique design. This is an antique glass orange juicer and it presents a good piece of the sharp cone in the middle and a little plate that collects all the juice. With its classic and antique design, the juicer is a good fit for any kitchen style.

Luminarc Glass Squeezer

Suitable For All Household Members
This antique glass citrus juicer comes in the dimensions of 5.12 x 5.12 x 2.75 inches and with a weight of 8.68 ounces. Due to its size, it is suitable for storing in the kitchen cabinet, and due to its design, it is safe for use by all generations.

Small Capacity For Juicing
The crystal clear juicer has good workmanship carvings of the reamer that are suitable for oranges, as well as for a variety of other fruit. The capacity of the collected juice is relatively small, so after almost every use, you need to pour the juice into the glass and then continue with the squeezing and juicing. To ease up the pouring, the juicer is spouted.

Luminarc Glass Squeezer Review

Manual Extracting
Like all the other classic and manual orange juicers, this one depends on the strength of your hands as well. Before the juicing, cut the orange in half, and then press it to the streamer while facing downwards. Rotate it a couple of times until the orange is dry and all the juice is extracted.

Cleaning And Storing
Due to the fact that is made of glass, the juicer is dishwasher safe. If you’re more of a hand wash type, just use some lukewarm water, a cloth, and mild soap, and the juicer will be clean in a matter of moments. When storing, put it in a place that is safe from falling and breaking.

Short Description:

  • comes in a classic and antique design
  • design suitable for use by any generation
  • small capacity for collecting the juice
  • extracting time depends on the strength of hands
  • dishwasher safe, also suitable for hand wash


Slendor Manual Juicer

Vintage Red
This vintage orange juicer comes in bright red color, with a few silver details and black rubber on the handle and bottom. The color combination brings up the vintage look and makes this juicer quite an impressive tool in the kitchen. It also comes in black, grey, and orange color.

Slendor Manual Juicer

Aesthetic, But Bigger In Size
The juicer is made of solid cast iron, while the strainer is stainless steel. The juicer’s dimensions are 10.92 x 17.16 x 7.41 inches and the weight is 15.15 pounds. Despite the fact that it is big and needs a bigger storage place, due to its design it presents a good aesthetic fit to the kitchen.

Extracts More Smooth Juice
The squeeze cup is designed to be bigger so it can easily be a whole orange juicer as well. Due to that, the juicer produces more juice per squeeze. While juicing, the strainer filters all the seeds and pulp, as well as impurities in order to give you fresh and smooth juice.

Slendor Manual Juicer Review

Stabile With Good Crushing Power
For superb stability, there are rubber feet at the bottom. The rubber ergonomic handle provides a safe and comfortable grip, while it doesn’t require much of strength for pressing. The crushing power can withstand 2300 PSI of pressure. When juicing, use both of your hands for more security and to ease up the process.

Cone Strainer Dishwasher safe
When it comes to the cleaning, the cone strainer is detachable and is safe for the dishwasher. The rest of the juicer should be cleaned with a bit of water and a cleaning cloth. When you’re done with the washing, this vintage orange juicer should be dried. The package includes a skimmer spoon.

Short Description:

  • comes in vintage red design
  • it’s big in size and requires a bit of space for storing
  • suitable for squeezing big oranges and extracting more juice
  • stabile in process and withstands up to 2300 PSI of the pressure
  • cone strainer is safe for cleaning in the dishwasher


Automoness Orange Juicer

Vintage In Color, Simple In Design
This orange squeezer comes in gold color and really has that vintage vibes. It comes with a big detachable white juice bag, while the hulp, as well as the handle, is longer and thinner. The design is simple and it resembles a classic fruit squeezer. The juicer is also available in silver color.

Automoness Orange Juicer

Good And Safe Materials
This vintage orange juicer is made of alloy aluminum of high-quality, while the juice bag is made of PP food-safe plastic. The dimensions of the juicers are 9.61 x 6.22 x 5.24 inches, while its weight is 1.8 pounds. The materials of the making are safe and suitable for as an all-citrus extractor.

Safe And Stable
Due to its good and heavy design, as well as the bottom feet, the juicer can be easily placed, as well as stable, on a clean flat surface. It won’t slip that easy. Even though the juicer is a bit heavy to hold for a longer time, during the process of juicing keep the juicer on the surface without lifting. The handle is ergonomic.

Automoness Orange Juicer Review

Manual Instructions
When you want to use this vintage squeezer, you need to cut the orange into a couple of pieces. Put one piece into the juice bag that you already placed in the juicer, and then close the lid and squeeze the hulp with the handle to extract the juice. When you’re done, just take out the pulp and pour the juice through a V-shaped outlet of the juicer.

Hand Wash Is A Must
Due to the fact that this orange squeezer is made of aluminum, while the juice bag is plastic, it isn’t dishwasher safe. Despite that, it can be easily cleaned with hands. Rinse the squeezer in the water and then dry it. The squeezer needs to be cleaned after every use to provide you with durability.

Short Description:

  • comes in gold color with a simple and classic design
  • made of high-quality alloy aluminum
  • easily placed and stabled on the flat surface
  • additional preparation and simple manual instructions
  • due to its materials of the making, not dishwasher safe


HIC Glass Juicer

Antique Glass Design
With its beautiful design and carvings, this HIC glass juicer is a good antique piece, as well as a kitchen tool. It is made entirely of glass and it looks like a little bowl with a pointed cone reamer in the middle. It’s also spouted for pouring the juice and has a small handle to be lifted.

Hic Citrus Juicer

Easy To Storage
The juicer is made of heavy weighted glass and it’s crystal clear. It comes in the dimensions of 2 x 3 x 6 inches and with a weight of 1 pound. Due to its smaller size, it has no problem with fitting in the kitchen cabinet or on the counter as decoration since it comes with beautiful carvings and workmanship.

Pointed Reamer For Efficient And Quick Juicing
Due to the sharp and pointed cone reamer, the juicing of the oranges, or perhaps lemons and limes, is efficient, quick, and easy. When the orange is cut in half, it needs to be pressed on the reamer and squeezed with a bit of rotating. The juicer will collect all the extracted juice, and when you’re done, just pick up the juicer and pour the juice into the glass.

Hic Citrus Juicer Review

No Smooth Juice
Since this juicer is so simple in the design, all the pulp of the oranges can’t be filtered and it will remain in the juice. In order to get a smooth beverage, you will need to drain the juice separately. Regarding the extracting, the juicer preserves all the nutrients and vitamins.

Maintenance And Hand Wash
This glass antique orange and lemon juicer is easy to maintain and clean. It’s recommended to hand wash it with warm water and mild soap. For the maintenance, it just needs to be stored in a kitchen cabinet or some other place where it is safe from falling and breaking.

Short Description:

  • comes in a beautiful antique design
  • doesn’t require much space for storing
  • sharp and pointed cone reamer for more efficiency
  • removing the pulp requires draining of the juice separately
  • needs safe storage and hand wash only


Zulay Orange Squeezer

Modern Details In The Vintage Attire
In a black and silver combination, this juicer looks like a good industrial kitchen product. It has interesting coated black housing and handle that gives away a vintage impression, while the silver details on the strainer cup, work well for the modern contrast.

Zulay Orange Squeezer

Heavy And Big
This vintage orange squeezer is made of a combination of cast iron and stainless steel. It comes in the dimensions of 16.8 x 11.3 x 7.6 inches and with a weight of 16.22 pounds. Due to its heaviness and industrial design, the squeezer requires more space for storage, but makes a good kitchen fit, especially with the industrial or rustic interior.

Designed For A Variety Of Sizes
The Zulay squeezer has an ergonomic design so you can consider it an ultra heavy-duty juicer, while the rubber feet stabilize the juicing and prevent moving and sliding. The cup is 5 inches wide and is suitable for larger or smaller oranges, as well as a variety of different fruit. In the process, the squeezer is quiet and quick.

Zulay Orange Squeezer Review

Simple Use, No Pulp
Due to the design of the cup, the squeezer separates the pulp and the seeds while juicing, so only the smooth orange juice pours into the glass. The use is quite simple. You just need to put half of an orange facing downwards on the reamer and pull the handle down. The juicer extracts the maximum of the orange, so the juice will start pouring immediately.

Detachable Part Suitable For Dishwasher
A detachable strainer cup is safe for a dishwasher, as well as for a hand wash. In order to clean the entire juicer, use a cleaning cloth and a bit of water. After it’s clean, don’t forget to dry it. Regarding the additional mess and spillage, the juicer is designed to minimalize any mess. The package also includes 2 in 1 metal lemon squeezer.

Short Description:

  • comes in a combination of black and silver
  • it’s quite big and heavy, but is a good fit in the kitchen
  • 5 inches wide cup for a variety of different sizes and fruit
  • the squeezer makes smooth juice without any pulp
  • strainer cup is dishwasher-safe

What To Consider About Vintage & Antique Orange Juicers

There are a lot of specifications of vintage & antique orange juicers that need to be considered while choosing the right model. Read this guide and find out why you shouldn’t choose the glass juicer, why is bigger size a better option, how come you shouldn’t consider choosing a built-in juice cup, what do with the pulp, and why is it important to pick up a heavy model with rubber feet.

No To A Glass Juicer – when choosing the right model, you need to consider its durability and safety. Even though the glass orange juicer is quite beautiful and is durable thanks to its material of the making, it will break sooner than the stainless steel and iron juicer. The glass juicer is light and easy to carry, but when you’re using it, you need to hold it tight so it doesn’t slip. The chances of falling and breaking are quite high.

The Bigger Is Better – some fruit squeezers are better off to be small and stored in kitchen drawers and cabinet. But when it comes to the oranges and making fresh-squeezed juice in a juicer, a bigger manual juicer is always a better choice. It will juice more efficiently and quicker, and in no time, you’ll have enough juice for your entire family. The bigger the juicer, the bigger is the capacity for fitting the oranges.

No Built-In Capacity – since we’re already talking about the size of the juicer, as well as about one type of capacity, choose the squeezer that doesn’t come in any form of 2 in 1. Even though that option sometimes eases up the work and process, you’re actually quite limited with the amount of juice you can make in one squeeze and you’re wasting time constantly pouring out the juice out of the built-in cup.

Pulp Or No Pulp – when thinking about making a fresh orange juice, almost every time that juice is smooth and perfect. To avoid the pulp, choose a vintage & antique orange squeezer that has a strainer filter. If you choose the one without the filter, every time you’ll want a smooth orange juice, you’ll have to drain the juice separately.

Weight And Rubber Feet – since the oranges are relatively big, you need as much stability as you can get for juicing. Choose the model that comes with rubber feet at the bottom and is heavily designed. That’s how you’ll be guaranteed stability and security while juicing.

To Wrap It Up

The vintage & antique orange juicer that I recommend is Vollum Manual Fruit Juicer. The reason why I would recommend this model is that not only it comes in an impressive vintage design, it also has good crushing power for efficient and quick squeezing and juicing. It comes with a variety of safety components and is designed to minimalize the additional mess and spillage. If you’re looking for a juicer that can squeeze whole oranges, check out this post about whole orange juicers. If you’re interested in finding a juicer that is suitable for juicing other fruit as well, read this post about whole fruit juicers.

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