Best 6 Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezers In 2022 Reviews

You’re looking for the best stainless steel lemon squeezer, but with so many models out there, you’re just not so sure which model will suit you the best?

In these 6 reviews, we are discussing 6 different models, from the ones made for home and beginners to the ones that are best in small size. Read this post and find out which model is the best for you!

The Rundown

Bellemain Lemon Squeezer rundownBellemain Lemon Squeezer
This red-silver lemon squeezer comes with ergonomic handles and with bowls designed to give top efficiency.
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Manual Fruit Juicer RundownManual Fruit Juicer
This eco-friendly silver squeezer is designed to provide comfortability, as well as stable, quick, and easy juicing.
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Meidong Lemon Squeezer RundownMeidong Lemon Squeezer
The squeezer is designed with 13 holes on the bowl to give you maximum juice extraction in only one squeeze.
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Xbuty Metal Lemon Juicer RundownXbuty Metal Lemon Juicer
With its 3.54 inches large bowl and 13 holes, this squeezer will produce more juice while providing a comfortable and stable grip.
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Master Class Lemon Reamer RundownMaster Class Lemon Reamer
With its sharp pointed tip and 30 inches long handle, this lemon reamer is a bit messy but efficient in use.
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Lemon Juice Squeezer RundownLemon Juice Squeezer
This set of 2 comes with a strong reamer and wide handled container, so the juicing is easy without the additional mess and spillage.
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Best 6 Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezers


Bellemain Lemon Squeezer

Red And Silver Design
This handheld lemon squeezer comes in the combination of silver bowls, while the handles are red. This combination works quite well for bringing up the entire kitchen interior, as well as any style. The stainless steel lemon squeezer looks a bit small, but due to its design, it looks quite efficient.

Bellemain Lemon squeezer

Classic Good Size For Storing
The design itself is a bit classic and standard with a little of a professional touch. The Bellemain lemon squeezer comes in the dimensions of 8.9 x 3.6 x 2.5 inches, and with a weight of 1.01 pounds. Due to its size, it requires minimal storage space, so it’s good for a kitchen cabinet or drawer.

Great Specifications Of The Bowls
The bowls of the squeezer are made of stainless steel to provide great squeezing efficiency. The bowls have the optimal and satisfying size and come with a thick casting, as well as strong levers. Thanks to these specifications, this squeezer provides good and efficient working hours.

Bellemain Lemon Squeezer review

Ergonomic Design For Easy Process
This stainless steel lime squeezer requires manual work and a bit of strength. In order to ease up the juicing, the handles of this squeezer are coated in silicone. Due to that, they provide a strong, steady, and comfortable grip, while not taking a lot of your energy when squeezing. Ergonomic design eases up the entire process.

Simple To Use And Clean
To use the squeezer, just put a piece of lemon in the bottom bowl, and then press it with the handle and the upper bowl. The juice will start to pour almost immediately, while the bowl will collect all the pulp, and give you smooth lemon juice. In order to clean the squeezer, you can just put it into a dishwasher on the top rack.

Short Description:

  • standard design in red and silver
  • doesn’t require much of a storage place
  • bowls designed to give top efficiency
  •  to ease up the process, the handles are coated with silicone
  • dishwasher safe, top rack only


Manual Fruit Juicer

Eco-Friendly In Silver
This stainless steel lemon squeezer comes in an impressive and quite professional design. The silver color gives a good touch to the design itself. The squeezer is made of environmental-friendly materials and it comes in an improved design to give you durability and efficiency.

Manual Fruit Juicer

No Problem For Storing
The lemon squeezer is made entirely of stainless steel, while the juicer cup, that’s inside the squeezer, is made of food-safe plastic. This squeezer comes in the dimensions of 10 x 5.5 x 4.75 inches, and with a weight of 1.8 pounds. Due to that, it’s relatively easy to store.

Designed For Comfortability
With its long and ergonomically designed handles that come with rounded edges, the squeezer provides a comfortable and stable grip. Since this is a manual lemon squeezer that does need your strength and press for good juicing, the comfortable design is a must to prevent loss of energy and tiredness.

Manual Fruit Juicer review

Easy To Handle
In order to juice by the rules, firstly you need to cut the lemons into a couple of pieces. Then open the squeezer and put one piece into a plastic cup. Squeeze the handle hard, and in a matter of moments, you’ll have fresh and smooth juice. When you’re done, just pour the juice through the integrated spout.

Bottom Feet For Stability
The squeezer comes with small feet on the bottom, so you don’t need to hold it while juicing. The feet ease up the juicing and provide a bit of stability. When it comes to cleaning, it’s recommended to wash it with hands and with lukewarm water. Clean it and dry it after every use. The squeezer is not dishwasher safe.

Short Description:

  • made of eco-friendly materials
  • it’s portable and easy to store
  • ergonomically designed to provide comfortability
  • comes with bottom feet for stability
  • not dishwasher safe, only hand wash


Meidong Lemon Squeezer

Classic Yet Impressive
With its fresh silver design, this squeezer gives quite a professional impression. Its shiny silver is suitable for modern, industrial, and vintage interior design, but as well as for minimally designed kitchens that need a bit of freshness and shine. The design itself is classic and standard. The squeezer is available in two sizes, medium and large.

Meidong Lemon Squeezer

Made To Last
This stainless steel lemon squeezer comes in the dimensions of 9.41 x 3.86 x 2.32 inches and with a weight of 1.01 pounds. Due to its material of the making, the stainless steel, the squeezer presents a high-quality product with chrome-plating and special polishing. Steel is resistant to corrosion, and can’t be destroyed with any kind of liquid.

13 Holes For Extraction In One Squeeze
The bottom bowl of the handheld citrus juicer is designed with 13 holes to extract maximum juice from the lemons in one squeeze, as well as other citrus fruits. The strong, stable, and comfortable grip is guaranteed by the smooth handle. Due to these specifications, this lemon squeezer is designed to give more juice, while taking less energy for juicing.

Meidong Lemon Squeezer Review

Large Bowl Suitable For A Variety Of Ingredients
When in use, the squeezer needs to be put on the top of the glass so the juice pours directly in it. The already mentioned bowl is quite large in size so it’s suitable not only for lemons, but for oranges, limes, cucumbers, and many other ingredients as well.

Hand Wash Recommended
When it comes to cleaning, this squeezer won’t take much time. To ease up the process, its components are removable. To clean them, it’s recommended to do a hand wash. A bit of water, mild soap, and cloth are just enough to clean this squeezer in a couple of minutes. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.

Short Description:

  • classic design in an impressive clean silver attire
  • made of high-quality stainless steel
  • the bowl has 13 holes for better extraction in only one squeeze
  • size of the bowl suitable for lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers
  • hand wash recommended, not dishwasher safe


Xbuty Metal Lemon Juicer

Green For Freshness
This cute little lemon juicer comes with silver bowls and green handles. The combination is working quite well together, while the carvings on the bowl are gently made. The workmanship looks quite good. The squeezer is available in two sizes, large and jumbo, and in two more colors, black and red.

Xbuty Metal Lemon Juicer

Superior Strenght And Efficiency
This jumbo squeezer comes in the dimensions of 9.3 x 3.54 x 2.4 inches and with a weight of 1.15 pounds. It’s entirely made of super sturdy stainless steel that provides you with superior strength, durability, and efficiency of juicing. This material won’t break, corrode or deform.

Large Capacity With 3.54 Inches Bowl
The stainless steel lemon squeezer comes with a high capacity. The large bowl has 3.54 inches and 13 holes to give more smooth juice in no time. Due to that, the squeezer is suitable for lemons, and limes, as well as for small to medium-sized oranges. If you want to juice only smaller citrus fruit, it’s recommended to get the squeezer with a smaller bowl to provide a better fit.

Xbuty Metal Lemon Juicer Review

Silicone Handles For Easy Use
Thanks to the good design, the fresh fruit juicer collects all the pulp while producing smooth and fresh juice. The use is simple, you just need to cut the lemon into a few pieces, and place it into the bowl. The pressure of the handle will do the rest. Speaking of the handle, it is ergonomically designed and coated with silicone.

Clean In A Couple Of Minutes
This squeezer is both hand wash and dishwasher safe. Thanks to its polished finish, the cleaning is simple and easy, and won’t leave any smudge or sticky juice. For a hand wash, use lukewarm water and some cloth. Regarding the storing, the squeezer is safe for cabinets and drawers.

Short Description:

  • combination of silver and green
  • available in two different sizes
  • provides with superior strength and efficiency
  • 3.54 inches bowl provide great capacity
  • silicone coated handle ergonomically designed


Master Class Lemon Reamer

Beautiful Workmanship
With its modern, elegant, and luxury design, this reamer certainly gives an impressive first, as well as a second look. Its design lines are beautiful, while the workmanship and carvings bring a touch of luxury. This stainless steel lemon reamer is beautifully made in silver.

Master Class Lemon Reamer

Polished Steel Made
This hand held fruit reamer is made of mirror-polished stainless steel and it comes in the dimensions of 7.87 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches, while it weighs 3.87 ounces. It’s rather small but can be easily stored in any small place like a kitchen drawer or a cabinet.

Good Carvings And Pointed Tip
This stainless steel lemon squeezer resembles an ordinary pen. The lines of the design meet on the pointed tip. Carvings on top are well distributed, with a bit of space between, while the pointed tip is perfectly made to ease up the press on the soft flesh of the lemon.

Master Class Lemon Reamer Review

Simple Design, Simple To Use
The design itself is made to provide a comfortable and good fit. That is secured with a 30 inches long handle. In order to use this reamer, put the pointed tip on the soft flesh of the lemon. Press the reamer inside and start to rotate it. You need to repeat this action until all the lemon juice is extracted.

Messy But Clean In Seconds
When using this reamer, it can be a bit messy with sticky juice all over. Use it on a clean and flat surface so you can simply wipe the spillage with a cloth. To clean the reamer, you can just put it on the top wreck in the dishwasher. The stainless lemon squeezer is suitable for handwash as well since it can be cleaned in a matter of seconds with just a bit of water.

Short Description:

  • elegant and beautiful workmanship
  • made of polished stainless steel
  • carvings and pointed tip perfect for juicing
  • 30 inches long handle for good grip
  • messy to use, but the cleaning takes a couple of seconds


Lemon Juice Squeezer

Metallic Silver Attire
This cute lemon squeezer comes in pretty metallic silver attire. It comes in clear silver so it has a modern, yet a little bit of rustic touch. This squeezer comes in a set of 2. The set contains the reamer and a container for collecting the pouring juice.

Lemon Juice Squeezer

Good Size With A Standard Design
The squeezer is entirely made of stainless steel, so the reamer and the container, as well as strainer, are hard and sturdy. The squeezer comes in the dimensions of 6.73 x 5.47 x 2.48 inches and with a weight of 5.5 ounces. Due to its size, it won’t take much of a storage place. Has quite a standard design and is made for only one purpose. Juicing the lemons and oranges.

Sturdy Material For Perfect Juicing
Due to the sturdy material of the making, this lemon squeezer will be efficient for a long period of time. The reamer is sharp and strong and can withstand the pressure without any trouble. The strainer collects all the pulp, as well as any unwanted content, producing smooth and fresh lemon juice with all the nutrients and vitamins.

Lemon Juice Squeezer Review

Wide Handled Container
When the smooth juice reaches the container, it can easily be poured into a glass. Thanks to the wide handled designed container, as well as stainless steel spout, the juice can be poured into the glass without any additional mess or spillage. This stainless lemon squeezer is made to provide good, quick, and easy juicing.

No Wet And Salty Environment For Storing
This stainless steel lemon squeezer is quite easy to clean since it can be put into the dishwasher or washed with hands. Don’t forget to dry after cleaning. To keep it durable and efficient, the squeezer needs to be stored in a clean and dry place. In case it is placed in a wet and salty environment, the squeezer can rust, despite its made of stainless steel.

Short Description:

  • comes in a metallic silver attire
  • set of 2, includes the reamer and juice container
  •  sturdy stainless steel to provide long efficiency
  • a container is wide and handled to ease up the pouring
  • needs to be stored in clean and dry space

What To Consider About Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezers

Read this guide and find out why is 2 in 1 set the best fit, why do you need a strong, stable, and comfortable grip, what’s up with lightweight and portable models, which capacity is good enough, and why you need more holes on the squeezer to make more juice.

2 In 1 Set – when looking for a stainless steel lemon squeezer, you’re looking for something that isn’t making too much of a mess, while at the same time it’s effective. To save yourself from the trouble of the cleaning, choose the model that comes with a reamer and a juice container. That way when you’re manual juicing the lemon, there won’t be any spillages or mess, the juice will directly be poured into a container, and then into a glass.

Strong, Stable, Comfortable Grip – for squeezing the lemons, you need your own strength. It’s not always easy to press and squeeze with a handle, so you need a strong and comfortable, as well as a stable grip to ease up the squeezing. In order to have that, choose the model that comes with ergonomically designed handles, as well as with some silicone or rubber to soften the grip.

Lightweight And Portablehandheld fruit juicers and squeezers are meant to be small and efficient. They do not need to take up a lot of space in the kitchen and they do not need to be stored in the same place for decades. Squeezers are efficient no matter their size. Choose the model that is lightweight and portable so you can carry out the squeezer whenever you need to, whether you’re traveling and going camping, whether you want to make a quick lemon sauce.

Capacity Of The Bowl – the juicing bowl is the most important part of the lemon squeezer. On the capacity of the bowl depends the amount of time you’re going to spend on juicing. Choose the model that comes with a large or jumbo large bowl so it can fit bigger pieces of the lemons. Bigger pieces, less time juicing. But if you know that you’re going to use the squeezer only for small citrus, it’s recommended to choose the model with a smaller bowl to give a better fit for citrus.

More Holes, More Juice – speaking of the specifications of the bowl, pick out the model that comes with more holes on the bowl. The more holes allow more juice in each and every squeeze you make, so it’s reducing the time of squeezing. A large bowl in a combination of 13 holes or more, is a winner.

To Wrap It Up

The best stainless steel lemon squeezer that I recommend is this model of the lemon juicer squeezer. I would recommend this model because it comes in a set of 2 that includes a sharp and strong reamer, and a wide-handled juice container with a spout. This model makes no additional mess and spillage, it’s easy to use, and doesn’t require much of a storage place. If you’re looking for a squeezer that has a bit more specific design, read this post about vintage lemon squeezers. If you’re interested in a juicer that comes in a more natural design, check this post about wood juicers.

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