Best 6 Restaurant Juicers In 2021 Reviewed By Expert

You are ready for a new and professional restaurant juicer, but you’re not sure which model and its specifications are the best?

We are bringing you reviews of 6 different models, each with their own qualities and best specifications, in order to present you with all the possibilities, designs, and technical information that will ease up your search. Read this post and find the best model for your restaurant!

The Rundown

Hamilton Beach Citrus Juicer RundownHamilton Beach Citrus Juicer
This juice machine comes with a brushless induction motor and 3 reamers to provide maximum juice extraction.
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Waring Citrus Juicer RundownWaring Citrus Juicer
This restaurant juicer is designed to ensure stability and security, and it comes with one universal reamer.
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Weifeng Juice Extractor RundownWeifeng Juice Extractor
This juicer comes with 370 W power, a rotation speed of 2800 rpm, and two cutter plate configurations.
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Hamilton Beach Manual Juicer RundownHamilton Beach Manual Juicer
This modern, yet industrial manual juicer can withstand up to 2000 lbs of force while extracting maximum juice.
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Orange Juicer Machine RundownOrange Juicer Machine
Big in size, this silver juicer is made for automatic squeezing and juicing of 20 oranges per minute.
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Kuvings Whole Juicer RundownKuvings Whole Juicer
This juicer comes with an extra-wide feeding chute that is suitable for whole fruits and leafy greens.
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Best 6 Restaurant Juicers


Hamilton Beach Citrus Juicer

Black Professional Attire
This beautifully designed restaurant juicer comes in black attire with a silver top and white details. The color combination works quite well together. The workmanship looks impressive while the lines of the design bring up that professional impression.  Due to the design, the juicer will fit right into the restaurant’s kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Citrus Juicer

Combination Of The Materials
The stainless steel citrus juicer is made of a combination of materials. The base is made of cast aluminum and has an acid-resistant finish, the juicing bowl is made of stainless steel, while the strainer and reamer are made of ABS plastic. The juicer comes in the dimensions of 12.31 x 14.5 x 17.69 inches and with a weight of 28.2 pounds.

Brushless Induction Motor And Big Capacity
In order to be efficient, the juicer comes with a powerful brushless induction motor that has no problem with juicing more than 32 oz of the juice. Besides that, it has an extra-tall spout that is 8.5 inches far from the counter. This means that it is suitable for pouring juice into glasses, pitchers, and containers.

Hamilton Beach Citrus Juicer Review

3 Reamers 
Due to the fact that the restaurant-grade juicer needs to be efficient, this Hamilton citrus juicer comes with modified reamers in order to produce optimum juice yield. The reamer comes in 3 sizes to ensure maximum juice extraction and to be suitable for a variety of different fruit and sizes.

Rubber Feet And Stabilizing Collar
This restaurant juice machine comes with rubber feet to provide security and stability while working. Also, the bottom of the juicer is designed as a stabilizing collar. The switch for turning on and off is sealed so no liquid enters that area. When it comes to cleaning, the entire top section can be easily removed. That part is dishwasher safe.

Short Description:

  • comes in black and professional design
  • combines cast aluminum, stainless steel, and ABS plastic
  • the brushless induction motor and extra-tall spout
  • 3 reamer sizes to suit a variety of different fruit
  • rubber feet and collar for stability and security


Waring Citrus Juicer

Simple And Standard
This juicer comes with a rather simple design. The lines are clean and they contribute to this quite standard juicer model. It comes in mostly white color. The housing, juice bowl, and reamer are white, while the bottom, as well as its feet, comes in black. In the middle, the juicer has one control button.

Waring Citrus Juicer

Design And Dimensions
The juicer is made of plastic and comes with the dimensions of 7.25 x 7.25 x 9.25 inches and with a weight of 6.08 pounds. The size is a bit smaller, but the juicer can handle good working hours. The base is designed with heavy-duty to provide stability while being placed on the flat surface.

Universal Reamer
This restaurant juicer comes with a standard and universal reamer. Due to that, this lemon squeezer is suitable for small lemons and limes, as well as for large oranges and grapefruits. The juicer is designed to be efficient and quick and to ensure big amounts of smooth juice in less time and without the pulp.

Waring Citrus Juicer Review

Rubber Feet For Stability And Quietness
The juice machine is designed to be mounted on rubber feet that are dampening the vibrations. Due to that, the juicer is not only safely secured on the flat surface, but it also works in an extra-quiet mood operation. The juicer can operate from light to medium duty which is controlled with just one button.

Key Parts Dishwasher Safe
The cleaning part is quite easy. The juice bowl, as well as the reamer, can be easily detached and put into a dishwasher. A bit of a rinse with water and mild soap, and the juicer is clean and ready for another day of constant juicing.

Short Description:

  • simple and standard design in white
  • made of plastic, while the base is heavy-duty
  • universal reamer suitable for different sizes of the fruit
  • quick in juicing a smooth juice without the pulp
  • rubber feet dampening the vibrations


Weifeng Juice Extractor

Professional Impression
This professional juicer comes with quite impressive design. It looks impressive in its shiny and clear silver. It is made to have no problems with fitting to the rest of the collection of the restaurant’s kitchen tools. The spout looks quite large, while the bottom features black rubber feet.

Weifeng Juice Extractor

Efficiency And Durability
This restaurant-grade juicer comes in the dimensions of 9.84 x 17.75 x 11.81 inches and with a weight of 26.4 pounds. The juicer is made of aluminum casting and stainless steel. Due to that, it ensures efficient working hours for a long period of time, since the material of the making is secure from corrosion and any kind of deformation.

370 W Power And 2800 Rpm
The juicer comes with a power of 370 W that controls the rotation speed of 2800 rpm. Due to these technical specifications, the juicer can easily juice 3 and a quarter in just one minute. The production speed is suitable for all the restaurant’s needs.

Weifeng Juice Extractor Review

Adjustable Juice Outlet
This restaurant juice machine comes with an adjustable juice outlet that can be placed in 8 different positions. Thanks to that design, the outlet can be manipulated for more convenient placement, regarding the needs. Besides that, the juicer automatically separates the juice from the pulp and slag.

Two Cutter Plate Configurations
In order to be quick and efficient, the juicer comes with two cutter plate configurations. You can juice with patented 16 blades or with a shredder, and due to that, the juicer is suitable for both fruit and vegetables. When it comes to cleaning, all the detachable parts can be easily washed in the sink with some water.

Short Description:

  • silver professional impression
  • made of aluminum casting and stainless steel
  • 370 W power controls the rotation speed of 2800 rpm
  • adjustable juice outlet can be placed in 8 different positions
  • two cutter plate configurations, 16 blades, or a shredder


Hamilton Beach Manual Juicer

Modern With Industrial Touch
In its black attire, this manual restaurant juicer looks modern and a bit industrial. It comes in a combination of black color and silver details, while the bottom comes in dirty white. The colors work well together and certainly bring up a touch of industrial style.

Hamilton Beach Manual Juicer

Materials Combination
The juice machine comes in the dimensions of 11 x 9.3 x 22 inches, and with a weight of 9.39 pounds. It comes with metal components and an enamel finish, the strainer cone is made of stainless steel, while the funnel is ABS plastic. Due to that combination, the juicer is resistant to acidic citrus fruits.

2000 Lbs Of Force For Maximum Extraction
This manual orange juicer is designed to extract maximum juice from the fruit, and thanks to the big stainless steel strainer cone, the juicer is suitable for lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, as well as pomegranates. Since this is a manual juicer, it does require a bit of strength for juicing, so it is designed to withstand 2000 lbs of force.

Hamilton Beach Manual Juicer Review

No Pulp, 8-10 Oz Capacity, Strong Grip
Due to the design of the strainer, it efficiently collects all the pulp while producing fresh and smooth juice. The 5.5 inches cup clearance ensures enough room for placing the cup of 8-10 oz capacity. In order to ease up the manual juicing, the handle is designed to provide a strong and comfortable grip.

Multifuncional Cup And Safely Designed Bottom
This restaurant-grade juicer comes with a multifunctional cup of 4 ounces that measures the amount of the juice. Also, it ensures that no dripping ends up on the counter. The bottom of the juicer is designed to give stability and security while juicing. When it comes to cleaning, just detach all dirty parts and rinse them with water.

Short Description:

  • modern design with a bit industrial touch
  • combination of metal components, stainless steel, plastic
  • withstands 2000 lbs of force
  • the 5.5 inches cup clearance for 8-10 oz capacity
  • multifunctional cup measures the amount of the juice


Orange Juicer Machine

Big And Impressive
This big restaurant-grade juicer comes in a rather impressive design. It combines silver color with transparent cover. Through the cover, you can see orange juice components, as well as the strainer. The bottom hides black rubber feet, while the top is designed as a wire basket.

Orange Juicer Machine

Good Materials And Large Basket
This automatic juicer is designed with big dimensions and is constructed of stainless steel, while the cover is made of PP material. The juicer is specifically made for commercial use, and due to that, it comes with good specifications. The basket for the fruit is quite big and it’s suitable for oranges that have 40-80 mm in diameter.

20 Oranges In One Minute
The squeezing of the fruit is visible through the transparent cover. The juicer squeezes 20 oranges in just one minute, while the yield is increased by 5%. The juicer extracts maximum juice not only from oranges but lemons and pomegranates as well. Fresh juice pours into a container after just a few seconds of squeezing and juicing.

Orange Juicer Machine Review

2 Buckets And Safety Components
This commercial juicer for restaurants comes with two peels collection buckets. They are designed to collect all the pulp and residues. In order to provide safe use, the juicer comes with a protective cover placed around the on and off switch. The cover is waterproof, as well as anti-leakage designed. Rubber feet secure stability.

Easy Disassembling And Cleaning
Even though the juicer looks a bit complicated, it’s actually quite easy for assembling and disassembling. When you’re done with the juicing, just follow the instructions in the manual, detach all the parts, and rinse them in the water. The juicer will be clean in no time.

Short Description:

  • big in size with an impressive design
  • made of stainless steel and plastic
  • large basket suitable for oranges with 40-80 mm diameter
  • squeezes 20 oranges per minute
  • protective waterproof cover of the control switch


Kuvings Whole Juicer

Modern In Black With Silver Details
In its combination of silver housing and black transparent details, this juicer looks modern and professional. The inside parts come with a bit of orange coloring, while the bottom has black rubber feet. The juicer looks a bit big in height, but it surely has a good capacity for whole fruits.

Kuvings Whole Juicer

Low Speed For Extraction
This restaurant juicer comes in the dimensions of 10.5 x 7.5 x 20 inches and with a weight of 20.5 pounds. The juicer comes with a 200 W motor that provides a low speed of 60 rpm in order to extract maximum juice from a variety of different ingredients, both fruit, and vegetables. Due to the cold press operation, the juicer preserves maximum nutrients and vitamins.

Extra-Wide Feeding Chute For Variety
In order to be suitable for different whole fruits, as well as leafy greens, the juicer comes with an extra-wide feeding chute of 3.5 inches. Due to that, you’ll have no problem fitting almost any kind of ingredient and producing all sorts of smoothies, juices, and baby food. To make the sorbet, just switch the standard strainer with a blank one.

Kuvings Whole Juicer Review

Specifications For Quietness And Good Working Hours
Due to its already mentioned technical specifications, the whole fruit juicer works in a quiet mood and it produces less vibration. Also, it can operate continuously for up to 24 hours.  To ensure stability while juicing, this restaurant juice machine comes with rubber feet placed on its bottom.

Rotating Cleaning Brush
When it comes to the cleaning, the package also includes a rotating cleaning brush that eases up the cleaning of the strainer. Also, all the parts that come in direct contact with food can be easily detached and washed in the sink with some water and a cleaning cloth.

Short Description:

  • modern design in black and silver
  • 200 W motor and low rotation speed of 60 rpm
  • 3.5 inches extra-wide feeding chute for whole fruit
  • quiet operation and up to 24 hours of continuous work
  • the package includes a specific rotating cleaning brush

What To Consider About Restaurant Juicers

Restaurant juicers are made to be efficient, durable, and professional. Read this guide and learn why you need a model with bigger motor power, what is a great speed and large capacity, why do you need a reamer for variety, and what materials ensure efficiency, safety, and stability.

Bigger Motor Power – when it comes to the professional and commercial juice machines, they do require bigger motor power. To ensure the long working hours, as well as efficiency, choose a model that comes with at least 370 W motor.

Great Speed – good rotation speed also comes hand in hand with the mentioned motor power. Even though the slow rotation speed often means maximum extraction, when it comes to the restaurant juicers they are already designed to provide great extraction, but they do need greater speed. Choose the model that comes with a rotation speed of 2800 rpm and up.

Large Capacity – since the juicer in the restaurant needs to produce large amounts of juice in no time, you need to pick out the juicer that can withstand the big capacity of the bowl, glass, pitcher, container. The best models come with at least 32 oz capacity and up.

Reamer For Variety – the reamer is a key component of the juicer. It needs to have a good, sharp, and clean design, but it also needs to be suitable for a variety of different ingredients. When choosing the restaurant-grade juicer, make sure that the model you want either comes with a universal reamer that guarantees suitability for all fruits, or it comes with a couple of different reamers that can be adjusted due to the size and type of the fruit.

Materials For Efficiency, Safety, And Stability – the commercial juicers need to be efficient, quick, safe, and stable. In order to have such a juicer, choose the model that is made of good materials. All the key components like the strainer, reamer, and spout, needs to be made of stainless steel. The housing can be plastic, while the bottom needs to have rubber feet to ensures safe and stabile juicing.

To Wrap It Up

The professional juicer that I recommend is Hamilton Beach citrus juicer. I would recommend this model because it’s made of a combination of materials that provide efficiency and durability. It is made of cast aluminum, stainless steel, and ABS plastic. It comes with a brushless induction motor that can produce large amounts of the juice without any problem. The juicer also comes with 3 modified reamers to ensure the maximum juice extraction, and to be suitable for a variety of different fruit. If you’re interested in professional juicers suitable for home use, check out this post about professional juicer machines. If you’re looking for a juicer that is suitable for oranges, read this post about industrial orange juicers.

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