The Best Way To Clean a Hot Plate Without Damaging Surface

Do you know what is easiest and the best way to clean a hot plate after cooking? Which natural ingredients you can use to have a shiny surface every day?

In our article, you can find all the answers which will help you clean any type of material.

Why Cleaning a Hot Plate Is Important?

If you maintain a hot plate daily, you will prevent any bad odor in the house from the food left on the surface, as well as stains that go much harder when they stay for so long on a burner.

Also, it will prevent a burnt smell while you’re cooking. Keeping the device clean will make it more functional and it will always look like a new one.

cleaning ceramic hot plate

How Often Hot Plate Need To Be Cleaned?

It is recommended to be cleaned with a dry paper towel after every use if there are any food leftovers around the burners.

For deep cleaning, we recommend cleaning the hot plate once a week.

Cleaning The Hot Plate According To The Type Of Material

Here are recommendations for cleaning each type of hot plate according to the type of material.

Steel Material

If you have a steel hot plate you can use warm water with soap and remove all the stains. If there are some older stains that won’t come off with soapy water, buy a special detergent for steel material. To dry it, use a cloth and polish the whole surface.

dirty hot plate

Ceramic Material

If you don’t know how to clean ceramic hot plates, here is the best tip. Mix the white vinegar with a baking soda in a spray bottle. Baking soda needs to start bubbling when you add enough vinegar. Spray it on a dirty cooktop and use a cloth to remove all the stains.

Glass Material

The easiest way to make a glass hot plate cleaner is to mix vinegar and baking soda. Spray it on the surface of a glass hot plate, let it sit for a minute, and remove all the dirt with a cloth. Use a scraper razor for tough stains on the glass surface. Polish the surface with a dry cloth and the hot plate will look like a new one.

scraper razor

Iron Material

Cleaning an iron hot plate will be easier when it’s still hot. Carefully deglaze the hot plate, use a spatula and scrape the stains. Rinse it with water and repeat until the water and the surface are clear enough.

When the surface is cooled down, use a few drops of oil on a paper towel and cover the cooking surface. Here is the video demonstration showing you how quickly you can clean iron devices.

Tips For Easier Maintain Of The Hot Plate

Here are some of the tips which will be helpful and save you time maintaining the hot plate on a daily basis.
Clean it after every use.

  • Use a hot plate cover which will prevent stains on the surface while you’re preparing ingredients for cooking a meal
  • Keep the temperature on the low – medium for meals that require long cooking, this will prevent any spilling from the cookware
  • Always use cookware with a clean bottom surface to prevent stains and burning smell
  • For tough stains, let the cleaner sit for a few minutes on a surface
  • Use the oven cleaner which is suitable for the material of your hot plate

baking soda and vinegar

What Is Not Recommended Use For Cleaning

To prevent damaging the surface of the device, here is the list of the materials you need to avoid:

  • Don’t use any type of acid (lemon, vinegar, etc.) on chrome-plated hot plates.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools such as steel wool sponges on a glass surface, it can leave marks and strikes.
  • Avoid scratching the surface of any hot plate with sharp tools to remove old stains.
  • Use only cleaners suitable for a specific type of material that manufacturers recommend.

How To Remove Burn Stains From Burner?

To remove any stains or burned-on food after cooking on a hot plate, the easiest way is to use a baking soda. Sprinkle it directly over the burned area and add a little bit of water. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes while the damp and warm cloth is placed on the top. Wipe it out and use a dry cloth to polish the surface.

How To Clean Rust From Hot Plate?

If there is rust on a surface of a burner, you can clean it using vinegar mixed with baking soda. Make the consistent paste and place it on a rust area.

Let it sit for at least 30 minutes, scrub it with a non-abrasive sponge and rinse it with warm water.

white spots on burners

How To Make Hot Plate Black Again?

Some of the multi-purpose cleaners can destroy a cast-iron surface, leave the white spots on or make it rusty. To make a burner black again and prevent rust it is recommended to use a hotplate restorer. After you cleaned the burners, use a metal cleaner to polish the surface so it can look shiny and like a new one.

To Wrap It Up

Cleaning the hot plate doesn’t need to take a lot of time if you do daily maintenance by removing burned-on food and stains from cooking. Each type of hot plate can be cleaned with natural ingredients including soda and vinegar, beside chrome-plated hot plates. Keeping the hot plate clean will make the device more effective and provide easy cooking.

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