5 Best 10-person Farmhouse Tables To Place In Dining Room

Are you a country-style lover who is looking for a 10-person farmhouse table to bring a rustic look to your dining room?

Perfect, since we have discovered and reviewed 5 different models!

In the first part of the article, you can find the 5 reviews, including best of best, wooden, big, folding, and cheap dining tables for 10 people in farmhouse style. In the second part, you can learn more about the qualities and features to take into consideration when purchasing such a model to make it work for your dining room’s needs.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 10-Person Farmhouse Table
Best Of Best 10-person Farmhouse Dining Table RundownBiscottini Extendable Dining Table
This extendable table comes with two leaves to extended up to 210 centimeters so that it can seat 10 people; with a country charm.
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Best Wooden 10-Person Farmhouse Table
Laurel Crown 10-Person Solid Dining Table
Made from solid mahogany wood, it is 94.5 inches long and has a simple design with four legs with a lacquer and satin finish.
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Best Big 10-Person Farmhouse Table
Best Big 10-Person Farmhouse Table RundownGracie Oaks Ophélie Wood Dining Table
With a rustic vibe and four folding legs, this 108-inch big table easily seats 10 and can even be stored easily by folding the legs.
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Best Folding 10-Person Farmhouse Table
Best Folding 10-Person Farmhouse Table RundownLoon Peak Ivonne Dining Table
It is heavy and solid with an antique rustic stain finish and folds by pushing the pins out of the legs for easy storage and transport.
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Best Cheap 10-Person Farmhouse Table
Best Cheap 10-Person Famrhouse Table RundownFlash Furniture HERCULES Dining Table
At an affordable price, you will get a solid pine table to bring a cozy farmhouse look to the dining room and seat up to 10 people.
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5 Best 10-Person Farmhouse Tables

Best Of Best 10-Person Farmhouse Table

Biscottini Dining Table

Solid Wood Construction
This 10-person extendable dining table is constructed from solid linden wood and can seat between 4 and 10 people easily. It features two extensions of 45 centimeters so that the table can be extended to 165 or 210 centimeters, to seat 8 or 10 people respectively. When collapsed, the table measures 120 centimeters in length.

Best Of Best 10-person Farmhouse Biscottini Dining Table

White & Walnut Colors
With its extendable leaves, you can make the table larger when needed and also collapse it to a smaller size when not needed. To bring the farmhouse charm to your dining room, it comes in a combination of white and walnut finish colors. Cleaning it is easy and should be done with a damp cloth and without abrasive detergents and dried immediately afterward.

Central Opening System
The two extensions can be used at the same time or independently, depending on how many people you have to seat at the table. To extend it, one person will be enough thanks to the simple central system of opening. That way, you will be able to seat the whole family for lunch at once.

Best Of Best 10-person Farmhouse Dining Table

Country Charm
The 10-person farmhouse table is also 80 centimeters high and 80 centimeters wide. It is built strongly for everyday use and has a bit of a country charm to it. If you have decorated your kitchen in farmhouse style, it will fit in perfectly as the extension of that style in the dining area.

Short Description:

  • seats between 4 and 10 people easily
  • it comes with two leaf extensions
  • extends to 165 or 210 centimeters
  • country charm with farmhouse style
  • made from solid linden wood

Best Wooden 10-Person Farmhouse Table

Laurel Crown Farm Dining Table

Made From Mahogany Wood
This 10-person farmhouse table comes in red-brownish color as it is made out of solid mahogany wood. It comes in a rectangular shape and measures 94.5 inches in width, 43.5 inches in depth, and 30.5 inches in height.

Simple & Durable Design
The 8-foot farmhouse table is ideal for fitting into spaces in country style, giving it a rustic feel. It is designed simply with four legs at the corners of the table and has a very strong build thanks to the solid wood construction. The mahogany wood comes from Honduras and is 100% solid without the addition of veneers or other materials.

Best Wooden 10-Person Farmhouse Laurel Crown Table

Satin & Semi-Gloss
It will be able to withstand heavy-duty and everyday use thanks to its solid build. The lacquer finish gives the table a satin sheen and a semi-gloss finish. It can be incorporated with lighter colors for contrast and will also look great with brownish hues in the kitchen and dining space.

For Larger Families
Ideal for larger families or families who love to entertain, its large size will be able to fit 8 to 10 people comfortably so you also aren’t surprised when you get unexpected guests over for lunch or dinner.

Short Description:

  • solid mahogany wood, red-brownish color
  • rectangular shape, 94.5 inches wide
  • ideal for seating up to 10 people
  • solid build for everyday use
  • lacquer and semi-gloss and satin finish
  • rustic feel ideal for farmhouse style

Best Big 10-Person Farmhouse Table

Gracie Oaks Dining Table

Commercial & Residential Use
This 10-seater white dining table comes in a rectangle shape, ideal for large families to eat and spend time together. It is a stylish solution for your farmhouse style and will bring the dining room or the kitchen a bit of a rustic vibe. It is designed with both commercial and residential use in mind.

Best Big 10-Person Farmhouse Table

Four Folding Legs
It can seat up to 10 people as it is 108 inches long. It features four folding legs so that this table can also be stored away when not in use. It is made from solid pine wood so installing it and folding it will take two people as it is quite heavy and massive. It can also be cleaned with a water-based cleaner before wiped dry for storage.

Foldable With Pins
The 10-person farmhouse table is ideal for taking outside for family get-togethers but will also look great in the rustic ambient of your kitchen or dining area. It is foldable with the help of pins that push in and out for folding and securing legs. The 3.5-inch square legs hold up the 0.875-inch thick tabletop.

Best Big 10-Person Farmhouse Gracie Oaks Table

Rustic & Chic
Both the table base and the top are made from solid pine wood and there are 16 gauge stainless steel posts that secure the legs. To be able to seat 10 people, this white table is also 40.25 inches wide and 30 inches high. With this classic yet rustic-looking table, you will bring a lot of chic to your farmhouse decor.

Short Description:

  • rectangle shape, constructed from solid pine wood
  • white color; features four folding legs
  • 108 inches long, 40.25 wide, 30 inches high
  • foldable legs allow you to take it outside or store it
  • push the pins out for folding the legs
  • rustic and chic for farmhouse style
  • easily seats up to 10 people

Best Folding 10-Person Farmhouse Table

Loon Peak Dining Table

Antique Rustic Stain
This 10-seater folding dining table works great in farmhouse style dining rooms and kitchens. It comes in the antique rustic stain color and has a 10-seat capacity, ideal for larger families or households that love to host and entertain their guests. To be able to seat that many people, the table is 108 inches long and 40 inches wide.

Best Folding 10-Person Farmhouse Table

4 Foldable Legs
The 30-inch high table features four foldable legs that make it easy to transport this unit when needed or store it away when not used. You can easily take it outside folded and then build it to use for barbecues in the open, etc. It folds by pushing the pins out of the holes in the base of the table so that the legs come flush against the top of the table.

Heavy & Solid Construction
Its sturdy wood construction with a stained finish will make it look great in your farmhouse kitchen. It gives off a rustic look and is super heavy and solid for long-lasting use. By folding the legs, it becomes much easier to move around and even transport to a different location if needed.

Best Folding 10-Person Farmhouse Loon Peak Table

For Larger Spaces
This extra-large 10-person farmhouse table is brown in color and you can leave it uncovered for an extra rustic vibe or even put a cloth over it when hosting dinners, game nights, etc. As it can seat 10 people, it is ideal for larger spaces and big families.

Short Description:

  • antique rustic stain color, wood material
  • features four foldable legs for storage
  • 108 inches long, 40 wide, 30 inches high
  • folds by pushing the pins out of the base
  • heavy and solid, easily seats 10 people

Best Cheap 10-Person Farmhouse Table

Flash Furniture Dining Table

9-Feet Table
This rectangular table seats 10 people easily as it is 9 feet long and 40 inches wide. It is constructed from solid pine so that it can withstand frequent use. It can be used for a cozy farmhouse look in your dining room or you can take it out from time to time when cooking for larger groups of people.

Best Cheap 10-Person Farmhouse Flash Furniture Table

As it has foldable legs, it is ideal for storing without taking up as much space. To secure legs, the pins need to push in at the base of the table, while they should be pushed out for folding the legs. The tabletop is 0.75 inches thick and has a 4-inch thick apron. The square legs are 3.5 inches thick.

For Indoors & Outdoors
The 108-inch 10-person farm table is a great choice for taking outside in the nice weather to enjoy a barbecue and other foods out in the open. If you have a large dining area in farmhouse style, it is also a great statement piece for seating up to 10 people at once.

Best Cheap 10-Person Famrhouse Table

Rustic Charm
This 10-person farmhouse table can be purchased for the price of around 500 dollars on Amazon, which is a great deal for solid wood tables with a rustic charm. It cleans easily with a water-based cleaner and should be dried straight after.

Short Description:

  • 9 feet long and 40 inches wide
  • constructed from solid pine wood
  • foldable legs for storage and transport
  • 0.75 inches thick tabletop with a 4-inch apron
  • pins push in and out for unfolding/folding
  • cozy farmhouse look with a rustic charm

What To Consider In 10-Person Farmhouse Tables?

When buying such a large table in farmhouse style, there are many things to keep in mind. Firstly, consider the material to make sure you are getting a durable table for your house. Secondly, look out for the size and the height, and table support. Finally, read about other features that make it easy to fit in and maintain this type of table.

The Style – Farmhouse style can be recognized with rustic charm, as well as vintage and antique pieces. It is warm and cozy with a lot of character, and also needs to be functional. In kitchens and dining areas, it is full of white color with country details, such as wooden furniture and more.

The Material – Favored in 10-person farmhouse dining tables, wooden material is also sturdy and durable for long-lasting use. The table can be made of solid wood, which will make it heavy-duty and withstanding frequent and everyday use. It can also be combined with rustic stains to give the piece of furniture even more of a country look.

Size & Height – To be able to seat 10 people, you are probably wondering how big the table needs to be. Well, ideally, it should be around 8 feet long so that you can fit four chairs on each side of the table and one at each end of the table. To make sure such a large piece is also suitable for your space, you should be able to leave around 3 feet of breathing space on all sides of the table. Most tables will be around 30 inches high, but counter-height tables will be between 34 and 39 inches tall.

Table Support – Another name for the table base, with pedestal, trestle, and legs as the most popular choices. Some farmhouse table 10 person models can even have foldable bases for easy storage and transport. It is also important to go for the right kind of base to allow you to easily put the chairs underneath.

Other Qualities – To get the best type of a 10-person farmhouse table, make sure to look for a model that is easy to clean, as well as easy to assemble. To be able to seat 10 people, you will mostly have rectangular choices available, but there are also oval, round, and square options on the market.

To Wrap It Up

In our opinion, the best 10-person farmhouse table is the Biscottini solid linden wood table. It brings country charm to your farmhouse dining room thanks to the combination of white and walnut color finishes. It is also extendable so that you can accommodate it to fit between 4 and 10 people easily. In case you are interested in other 10-seat tables for the farmhouse, check out our reviews of 10-seat farmhouse tables. For other models of extending tables for 10 seats, consider our selection of 10-seater extending dining tables.

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