Best 3 Copper 4-Slice Toasters You Will Enjoy Using In 2022

You’re looking for a copper 4 slice toaster that is beautiful and which provides a great toasting experience?

If yes, keep reading this post!

Today, we are talking about 3 models with specific copper details and coloring. Thanks to that attractive touch, they are aesthetic and quite pleasing to the eye. Read this post and find a toaster that is both beautiful and efficient!

The Rundown

Best Of Best Copper 4-Slice Toaster
Dualit 4-Slice Copper Toaster RundownDualit 4-Slice Copper Toaster
The toaster comes with 1800 W of power and it has four 1.10 inches wide slots suitable for toasting bread, bagels, buns, and more.
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Best Stainless Steel Copper 4-Slice Toaster
Crux Copper 4-Slice Toaster RundownCrux Copper 4-Slice Toaster
The toaster comes with good safety components such as auto shut off, anti-jam design, and 2 high lift levers.
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Best Retro Copper 4-Slice Toaster
Sencor STS6077CH Copper Toaster RundownSencor STS6077CH Copper Toaster
This model comes with a durable plastic body and stainless steel slots, and it has a display with a digital countdown timer.
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Best 3 Copper 4-Slice Toasters

Best Of Best Copper 4-Slice Toaster

Dualit 4-Slice Copper Toaster

Polished Beauty
The toaster looks quite beautiful and aesthetic. It combines 2 polished colors, copper and silver, which work well together in bringing elegance and retro vibes. The design lines of this 4 slice toaster are sleek, while its workmanship is beautiful. This model fits perfectly in any kitchen interior.

Dualit 4-Slice Copper Toaster

Stainless Steel & Cast Aluminum
To ensure impeccable durability, the toaster is constructed of 2 high-quality metal materials. Its middle part and the top section with slots are made of stainless steel, while its copper-colored sides are made of cast aluminum. Both materials contribute to the toaster’s strong and durable body.

Slim, Narrow, And Powerful
The toaster’s dimensions are 15 x 8 x 9 inches, while its weight is 10 pounds. This is a long model that requires slim and narrow space on the kitchen countertop and/or in a storage room. Besides good durability, this model is made to be efficient too. Due to that, it comes with high power of 1800 W.

Dualit 4-Slice Copper Toaster Review

Wide Slots & Adjustable Modes
The slots of this copper-colored toaster are 1.10 inches wide. This width accommodates a variety of ingredients like standard bread, artisan bread, buns, bagels, English muffins, and more. Of course, the toaster comes with adjustable modes. You can choose between defrost, bagel, and buns toasting modes and settings.

Browning Settings And Selector Control
Besides the adjustable modes, the Dualit copper 4 slice toaster has a couple of different browning settings so you can customize your toast. Thanks to the toaster’s selector control, you can use and heat 1, 2, 3, or all 4 slots at the same time. The toaster comes with a sandwich cage and a warming rack.

Short Description:

  • beautiful and aesthetic design with polished body
  • made of stainless steel and cast aluminum
  • a slim and narrow model with 1800 W
  • 1.10 inches wide slots suitable for bread, buns, bagels
  • adjustable toasting modes, settings, and selector control
  • comes with a sandwich cage and a warming rack

Best Stainless Steel Copper 4-Slice Toaster

Crux Copper 4-Slice Toaster

Silver Body With Copper Details
This is a gorgeous toaster with aesthetic attire and modern design. This is a bit different model since it comes with a silver body but it has small copper details that emphasize its elegance. The toaster also has black details on the 2 lift levers. This model is a beautiful fit for every minimalistic, modern, and elegant style.

Crux Copper 4-Slice Toaster

Made Of Pure Stainless Steel
Besides it comes with attire that is pleasing to the eye, the toaster also comes with strong and durable construction. Its body is entirely made of pure stainless steel. This material is amazingly strong since it is resistant to rust and it doesn’t break or deform.

Good Dimensions & Size
The copper 4 slice toaster comes with the dimensions of 11.14 x 9.56 x 7.4 inches, as well as with a weight of 4.5 pounds. This is a quite good size for a 4-slot model. It is suitable for the kitchen countertop and it won’t take too much space.

Crux Copper 4-Slice Toaster Review

Powerful And Efficient
To provide impeccable efficiency and toasting performance, the silver toaster comes with a power of 1500 W. Its slots are extra-wide and they are designed to ensure even heating and toasting. The slots are suitable for different types and sizes of bread and bagels. The toaster comes with dual control.

Customization & Safety
The toaster has 3 toasting programs, reheat, bagel, and gluten-free, and it comes with a cancel function. Besides that, it also has 6 levels of browning and crispiness. The toaster is designed to be safe and stable, and it comes with an auto shut off function, anti-jam design, high lift levers, and well-designed bottom.

Short Description:

  • modern design in silver with copper details
  • durable stainless steel construction
  • suitable size of a 4-slot model
  • comes with a power of 1500 W and extra-wide slots
  • dual control and even heating system
  • adjustable settings and good safety components

Best Retro Copper 4-Slice Toaster

Sencor STS6077CH Copper Toaster

Brushed Copper Attire
Thanks to its rounded edges and good workmanship with a retro touch, the toaster looks quite impressive. Its body comes in a brushed copper color (champagne) and it has a bit of glitter finish. The toaster’s slots are in polished silver while the control settings combine 2 colors, black and silver.

Sencor STS6077CH Copper Toaster

Size For Fitting
The dimensions of this toaster are 11.8 x 9.8 x 11.1 inches, while it weighs 7.4 pounds. This is a good and suitable size so the toaster fits any kitchen countertop without a problem. Since it comes in a smaller size, the toaster is also suitable for RVs, motor homes, and boats.

Durable Body Made Of Plastic & Steel
Of course, the cool touch toaster is not only designed to be beautiful but durable too. Its body is made of strong plastic material, while its top section and slots are made of pure stainless steel. Both materials are food safe, as well as resistant to rust and time.

Sencor STS6077CH Copper Toaster Review

Good Suitability And 3 Functions
The toaster’s 4 slots are wide and they accommodate thick slices of bread, bagels, different buns, English muffins, and other ingredients, both thick and thin. The toaster also comes with a warming rack so it is suitable for reheating croissants, muffins, and rolls. This model has 3 basic functions, reheat, defrost, and cancel.

Digital Countdown Timer
The copper 4 slice toaster has good customization settings. It comes with 9 browning levels so you can make toast with different degrees of crispiness. Browning levels are controlled by a simple knob which is also a display with a digital countdown timer. This model is safe and it stays cool to the touch the entire toasting process.

Short Description:

  • impressive design with a retro touch
  • 4-slot model with suitable size
  • made of plastic and stainless steel
  • wide slots come with a warming rack
  • 3 basic functions and 9 browning levels
  • display with a digital countdown timer

What To Consider About Copper 4 Slice Toasters

To have a copper 4 slice toaster that is beautiful, efficient, and durable, you need to have in mind some of its key components such as shade, power, control settings, safety components, and more. We are bringing you a few guidelines to help you find such a model!

Key Info About The Shades – copper toasters are really rare, especially those with 4 slots. Due to that, be open-minded about the color. It comes in beautiful shades like clean copper and champagne, or it appears only as small but elegant details on perhaps a silver toaster. Due to that, be free to choose different shades and colors, but make sure that the model comes with at least a small dose of copper.

Copper Brands – as it is already mentioned, the copper 4 slice toasters are quite rare so it is important to know which brands actually offer copper models. Brands like Crux, Dualit, and Sencor produce toasters with premium quality in copper color or with copper details. Their designs are beautiful, while their workmanship is impeccable.

High Power For High Efficiency – of course, the toasters’ aesthetic is not the only must. They need to be efficient too. To have such a model, make sure it comes with a power of at least 1500 W. This is a high power which ensures great toasting operation and good working hours.

Dual Control Is A Plus – since you want a copper 4-slice toaster, choose the one that comes with dual control. This is quite a convenient component, especially if you have family or you live in a bigger household. Dual control lets you choose different toasting settings for each pair of the slots.

Components Of Safety – every big toaster needs to be beautiful and efficient, as well as safe. To have a safe model, pick out the one that comes with a well-designed and high lift lever that prevents burning yourself on the hot slots. Also, it is great if the toaster stays cool to the touch during the entire toasting process, and if it comes with an auto shut-off system.

To Wrap It Up

The copper 4 slice toaster that I recommend is the Crux copper 4-slice toaster. I would recommend this model because it has a beautiful silver body with copper details. The toaster comes with a high power of 1500 W and it has extra-wide slots, as well as dual control. This model has well-designed heating elements and good safety components like auto shut-off and 2 high lift levers. If you’re looking for 2 slice models in copper color, read this post about copper 2 slice toasters. If you’re interested in elegant shades of copper like rose gold, check out this post about rose gold toasters.

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