6 Best Food Slicers: Multifunctional For Various Groceries

You’re looking for the best food slicer but you’re not sure which one is the most suitable for your lifestyle?

Keep reading this post to find out!

These multi-models are great kitchen appliances suitable for slicing a variety of ingredients. Read this post to see which model is the best one for your needs and household!

The Rundown

Best Food Slicer RundownAnescra Electric Slicer
The slicer comes with a cast aluminum body and it has 2 removable 7.5-inch blades made of stainless steel.
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Best For Home Food Slicer RundownCusimax CMFS-200 Slicer
This is a beautiful and classic model with metal construction, 7.5-inch smooth blade, and carriage suitable for large-capacity food.
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Best Commercial Food Slicer RundownKalorik AS 45493 S Slicer
Thanks to its small size, the slicer is suitable for bigger and smaller interiors, and it comes with a powerful motor and serrated blade.
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Best Manual Food Slicer RundownFullstar Mandoline Slicer
The slicer has 6 interchangeable and razor-sharp blades and it comes with a cleaning tool and organizer box.
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Best Electric Food Slicer RundownCuisinart FS-75 Pro Slicer
The slicer comes bigger in size but it has a heavy-duty motor and serrated blade, as well as non-slip feet for better stability.
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Best Cheap Food Slicer RundownGramercy Kitchen Slicer
This is a small and lightweight model suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it comes with great safety components.
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6 Best Food Slicers


Anescra Electric Slicer

Modern Dark Attire
This model comes in an attractive and modern attire. It looks quite impressive thanks to its good workmanship and sleek design lines. The slicer’s body is in black color. It also has a couple of polished silver components that provide nice color contrast. The slicer is a great fit for every interior.

BEST OF BEST: Anescra Electric Food Slicer

Solid Cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel
In order to provide impeccable durability and long life, the slicer comes with strong and high-quality construction. Its base is made of solid cast aluminum. The blade is made of stainless steel, the best metal material on the market. Both aluminum and steel are resistant to rust and time.

Small In Size
The dimensions of this food slicer are 12.6 x 8.46 x 10.2 inches, while its weight is 10.61 pounds. This is a small model suitable for places with limited space. It can fit every countertop and it can easily be stored inside a storage room.

Best Food Slicer

Efficient Power & 2 Removable Blades
The slicer comes with 200 W of power which provides impeccable slicing operation and performance. This power also ensures good working hours. The slicer has 2 removable blades. The smooth one is great for slicing cooked food, bread, vegetables, and fruit. The serrated blade is suitable for a bit toughest food. Both blades are 7.5 inches in diameter.

Adjustable Thickness And Safety Components
Thanks to the slicer’s adjustable thickness control dial, you can set it to cut slices up to 0.6 inches of thickness. The food carriage comes in a suitable size in order to accommodate a variety of ingredients. The electric food slicer comes with a ring guard and child lock protection. It also has suction rubber feet for stability.

Short Description:

  • attractive and modern attire in black color
  • solid cast aluminum base ensures durability
  • smaller in size but with 200 W
  • 2 removable 7.5-inch blades (smooth and serrated)
  • adjustable thickness control dial and suitable carriage
  • child lock protection and suction rubber feet


Cusimax CMFS-200 Slicer

Beautiful Classic
The slicer comes with beautiful and smooth design lines which perfectly emphasize its good workmanship. This model comes with a body in a classic silver color with a few details in black. Thanks to its beautiful design and aesthetic attire, the slicer fits every kitchen.

BEST FOR HOME: Cusimax CMFS-200 Food Slicer

Small Metal Construction
The food slicer comes with the dimensions of 11.8 x 9 x 10.2 inches, as well as with a weight of 10.89 pounds. The slicer comes in a smaller size. It is suitable for big, small, and limited spaces. This model is made of metal in order to provide impeccable durability.

200 W & 7.5-Inch Blade
To ensure great efficiency and good working hours, as well as to withstand numerous uses per day, the slicer comes with a 200 W motor. Thanks to its 7.5-inch smooth blade made of stainless steel, the slicer provides quick and efficient slicing performance. It is suitable for slicing turkey, chicken, ham, sausages, cheese, fruit, vegetables, and more.

Best For Home Food Slicer

Thickness Regulator & Suitable Carriage
Of course, the Cusimax meat slicer has an adjustable thickness regulator. With this component, you can set the slicer to cut ingredients into thin or thick slices (up to 0.75 inches of thickness). The carriage of this slicer comes in a suitable size so it can easily accommodate large-capacity food.

Safe And Stable
To prevent injuring, the meat slicer for home use comes with a safety guard for its blade. Also, the carriage has transparent cover protection so you won’t be near the blade during the slicing process. The slicer’s suction rubber feet prevent sliding and ensure great stability. This model comes with removable parts to ease up the cleaning.

Short Description:

  • beautiful design in classic silver attire
  • small in size and made of durable metal
  • 200 W ensure efficiency and good working hours
  • 7.5-inch smooth blade and carriage suitable for different food
  • comes with a safety guard, cover protection, suction rubber feet


Kalorik AS 45493 S Slicer

Simple & Minimalistic Workmanship
This model comes in a quite simple and minimalistic design. Its body is in gray color with a couple of details and components in black and silver. The slicer’s workmanship is good and it emphasizes its attractive simplicity. Due to that, the slicer is a great fit for any modern, minimalistic, and retro interior.

BEST COMMERCIAL: Kalorik AS 45493 S Food Slicer

Metal Base With Steel Blade & Rubber Feet
The slicer combines a couple of different materials. Its base is made of metal and its round blade is constructed of stainless steel. The slicer comes with a few plastic details, while its bottom feet are made of rubber in order to provide greater stability. Due to its materials of the making, the slicer will surely last.

Small Model With Minimal Space Requirements
The size of this commercial food slicer is small and thanks to that, suitable for bigger and smaller interiors. The slicer requires minimal space so you’ll have enough room for other kitchen appliances too. Also, you can easily store it inside a storage room if you feel it doesn’t fit into your kitchen.

Best Commercial Food Slicer

Powerful Motor & Serrated Blade
The food slicer has a 200 W motor. This is a powerful motor that ensures good rotation speed, great working hours, and impeccable slicing performance. Its 7.5-inch blade is serrated. Because of that, it is suitable for a variety of ingredients from fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables to bread and cheese.

Additional Info And Parts
The slicer has a thickness regulator and it can be set to slice in up to 0.6 inches of thickness. Its carriage, of course, accommodates ingredients of different types and sizes. When it comes to its safety components, the slicer comes with a well-designed handle and thumb guard. It also has suction feet.

Short Description:

  • minimalistic design suitable for modern and retro interiors
  • metal construction with a stainless steel blade
  • small model with a powerful 200 W motor
  • 7.5-inch serrated blade and thickness regulator
  • thumb guard and suction feet


Fullstar Mandoline Slicer

Classic Kitchen Appliance
This is a classic manual slicer with smooth design lines, rounded edges, and beautiful workmanship. The slicer comes with a transparent box and white top section with black, silver, and transparent details and components. This food slicer is a classic kitchen appliance suitable for every household.

BEST MANUAL: Fullstar Mandoline Food Slicer

2 Materials
In order to be durable, the slicer is constructed of 2 materials. Its body is made of high-quality plastic material. Its key component, the blade, is made of stainless steel, the best and most durable metal material on the market. Thanks to its construction, the slicer is strong and durable.

Small & Practical
The dimensions of this model are 14.7 x 5.2 x 3.5 inches, while it weighs is 2.07 pounds. This is a small and practical model suitable for every countertop, kitchen cabinet, drawer, and storage room. It also presents a good and lightweight model suitable for outdoor use, traveling, and camping.

Best Manual Food Slicer

6 Razor Sharp Blades
The cheese and meat slicer comes with 6 interchangeable and razor-sharp blades so you can adjust it to your desired ingredient. The blades provide different slicing thickness, shapes, sizes, and more. They are suitable for a variety of vegetables, fruit, cheese, pasta, and more. Thanks to the slicer’s box, all the ingredients are conveniently stored inside during the slicing process.

Food Handle & Additional Parts
Since this slicer is a manual model, it comes with a well-designed food holder. You just need to place the desired ingredient inside the hole (grabber) on the holder, grab it on its top, and start slicing. To ease up the cleaning, the slicer comes with a special cleaning tool. It also comes with an organizer box.

Short Description:

  • classic model with smooth design lines
  • body made of plastic, blade made of stainless steel
  • small, practical, and easy-to-store model
  • 6 interchangeable blades suitable for vegetables, cheese, pasta
  • well-designed and easy-to-use food holder
  • comes with a cleaning tool and organizer box


Cuisinart FS-75 Pro Slicer

Simple Modernity
This model comes with modern and elegant attire. Thanks to its simple design lines and minimalistic workmanship, the slicer’s modernity surely stands out. Its body combines different shades of gray, while its blade is in polished silver. The slicer is perfect for any kitchen and interior style.

BEST ELECTRIC: Cuisinart FS-75 Pro Food Slicer

A Bit Bigger Model
The food slicer comes with the dimensions of 10.88 x 18.25 x 11.13 inches, as well as with a weight of 11 pounds. Due to its dimensions and size, the slicer is a bit bigger and it does require space for use. But since it comes in such a good design, it will surely look great on the countertop.

Durable Base With A Stainless Steel Blade
The electric meat slicer for home use has high-quality construction. In order to be strong and durable, its base is made of die-cast aluminum. The slicer’s blade is made of stainless steel so it doesn’t blunt that easily. Thanks to these materials of the making, the slicer will last for a long period of time.

Best Electric Food Slicer

Heavy-Duty Motor & Serrated Blade
This model has a heavy-duty motor with a power of 130 W. This power ensures good working hours and great slicing operation. The slicer’s 7.5-inch blade is sharp and serrated. It effortlessly cuts and slices fresh meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruit, and more.

Adjustable Thickness And Food Carriage
Of course, you can adjust the slicing thickness (up to 0.5 inches) thanks to the slicer’s simple control knob. The food carriage is designed to easily accommodate large-capacity food. The carriage also has cover protection. For safety and stability, the slicer comes with non-slip feet.

Short Description:

  • modern, elegant, and simple design
  • bigger in size but comes with a die-cast aluminum body
  • heavy-duty 130 W motor ensures great slicing operation
  • 7.5-inch stainless steel serrated blade
  • control knob for adjusting the slicing thickness
  • cover protection and non-slip feet


Gramercy Kitchen Slicer

Professional, Sleek, Aesthetic
The slicer looks quite impressive. Its professional and sleek design likes contribute to its beautiful workmanship. The slicer’s body is in polished silver which looks attractive, and it has a couple of details in black. This model has aesthetic carvings too and it fits every kitchen and interior.

BEST CHEAP: Gramercy Kitchen Food Slicer

Combination Of Steel, Plastic & Rubber
The cheap meat slicer is made of stainless steel. This metal material of the making is one of the best and most durable ones on the market. It is resistant to rust and time, and it won’t break, deform or blunt that easily. The slicer’s handle and knob are made of plastic, while its bottom feet are coated in rubber.

Indoor & Outdoor Model
The dimensions of this food slicer are 7 x 3.4 x 16.7 inches, while its weight is 1.9 pounds. This is an ideal small and lightweight model suitable for every kitchen. You can easily use it and store it inside a cabinet, drawer, or storage room. Also, this model is suitable for outdoor use as well.

Best Cheap Food Slicer

Adjustable Blade & Thickness
This slicer is a completely manual model but it is efficient and practical. It comes with a sharp adjustable blade. Because of that, it is suitable for slicing vegetables, fruit, cheese, potatoes, onions, salami, and more. The slicer has an adjustable slicing thickness of up to 0.35 inches.

Additional Safety Parts
When it comes to its safety, the slicer comes with a blade guard so you can’t accidentally injure yourself when the slicer is not in use. The package also includes a food holder for safe and easy slicing, as well as cut-resistant gloves. The slicer is stable thanks to its already mentioned rubber feet.

Short Description:

  • professional and sleek design with attractive carvings
  • stainless steel body with plastic details
  • small and lightweight model ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • adjustable blade and slicing thickness (up to 0.35 inches)
  • blade guard, food holder, and cut-resistant gloves
  • rubber feet for stable slicing operation

What To Consider About Food Slicers

The food slicers are great multi-models but if you want the best and most efficient one, you need to learn a bit more about them. Here are a few guidelines about their key components, so read them through and see what to look for!

Basic Info – as it is already mentioned, these slicers are great multi-models suitable for slicing different ingredients from meat, cheese, and bread to vegetables, fruit, and more. Thanks to that, you’ll save space because you don’t need to get various models suitable for one or two specific ingredients. These are great all-in-1 models!

Electric Or Manual – the difference between these 2 models is their slicing time and suitability. The electric models are fast and suitable for absolutely every ingredient. The manual models require your input for slicing and they are not suitable for slicing big pieces of meat. But they are small, lightweight, and great for indoor and outdoor use. Choose according to your needs and lifestyle.

Good Motor Power – if you want an electric model, you need to check out its power. Choose a model that comes with 130 W to 200 W. This power range is great for home use. It provides good working hours and great slicing efficiency.

About The Blade – of course, the key component of every food slicer is its blade. If you want an electric model, choose the one with a 7.5-inch stainless steel blade. In case you want a manual model, just make sure it comes with an adjustable blade or a couple of interchangeable ones.

Safety Components – safety is really important. Every home deli slicer should have a ring guard for safety and rubber feet for stability, while the manual slicer needs a safe food holder and blade cover. If it comes with bottom feet for easy use, make sure they are coated with rubber.

To Wrap It Up

The food slicer that I recommend is the Cusimax CMFS-200 slicer. I would recommend this model because it comes with a 200 W motor which ensures good working hours and efficient slicing operation. The slicer has a 7.5-inch smooth stainless steel blade suitable for slicing a variety of ingredients. It also comes with good safety components (ring guard, protection cover, rubber feet). If you’re looking for a slicer with a bit bigger blade, read this post about 10-inch meat slicers. If you’re interested in ones that are more aesthetic, check out this post about antique meat slicers.

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