Top 3 Automatic Meat Slicers For Bacon, Chicken & Other Food

You’re in need of an automatic meat slicer that will save you time with the whole slicing process?

Great, then you’re in the right place!

Automatic models are rare and due to that, we are bringing you only 3 of them which are fully automatic, efficient, durable, and suitable for slicing different food, chicken, bacon, and more. Read this post to find out which model is the best one for your needs!

The Rundown

Best Automatic Meat Slicer RundownKWS MS-12A Meat Slicer
The professional slicer comes with a 420 W motor, 12-inch blade, and 45-degree angled carriage.
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Best For Chicken Automatic Meat Slicer RundownYescom Meat Slicer
With its 240 W motor and 530 rpm, the slicer provides good working hours and efficient slicing, and it comes with a 10-inch blade.
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Best For Bacon Automatic Meat Slicer RundownGlobe G12A Slicer
The slicer comes with durable and high-quality construction and it has a strong HP motor and adjustable thickness control.
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Top 3 Automatic Meat Slicers


KWS MS-12A Meat Slicer

Sleek & Professional
The slicer comes in good and professional attire. Its lines of the design are sleek and they certainly contribute to the slicer’s perfect workmanship. This model comes in a combination of gray and silver. The meat slicer is suitable for every kitchen style.

BEST AUTOMATIC: KWS MS-12A Automatic Meat Slicer

Strong Aluminum Construction
This model is made to last, as well as to withstand numerous uses per day, and due to that, it comes with strong and durable construction made of aluminum. This metal material of the making is great and it makes the slicer resistant to rust and time. The blade is made of stainless steel.

Space Requirements & Use Suitability
The automatic meat slicer comes in the dimensions of 29 x 26 x 32 inches, while its weight is 180 pounds. Due to its size, it surely requires space for using and storing, but despite that, this model is suitable for both commercial and home use.

Best Automatic Meat Slicer

Auto Model With 420 W Motor
The operation mode of this model is, of course, automatic, so it doesn’t require your input with the slicing or moving of the food carriage. In order to be efficient, the auto meat slicer comes with a 420 W motor which not only ensures efficiency but good working hours too. The slicer produces minimal noise.

12-Inch Blade & Adjustable Thickness Of Cutting
The slicer’s 12-inch blade is suitable for slicing meat, both fresh and frozen, bacon, vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese, and more. It comes with a ring guard. The 12-inch meat slicer is adjustable when it comes to the thickness of the cutting so you can set it to cut up to 0.6 inches of thickness. The carriage is placed at an angle of 45 degrees for better slicing results. The slicer’s rubber feet ensure stability.

Short Description:

  • professional design suitable for commercial and home use
  • body made of aluminum, blade made of stainless steel
  • requires space for using and storing
  • 420 W ensures efficient slicing operation
  • 12-inch blade and 45-degree angled carriage
  • adjustable cutting thickness, ring guard, rubber feet


Yescom Meat Slicer

Modern Carvings In Classic Coloring
Thanks to its good design lines and interesting carvings which contribute to its modernity, the slicer looks quite impressive and professional. Its workmanship is impeccable. This model comes in classic silver attire with black details. The colors work well together. The slicer is great for commercial, as well as for home use.

BEST FOR CHICKEN: Yescom Automatic Meat Slicer

Die-Cast Steel & Aluminum
Since it is suitable for commercial use, the automatic meat slicer is made to last and to withstand countless uses and commercial working hours. Due to that, it is made of 2 strong metal materials, die-cast steel and aluminum. With such a strong and high-quality construction, the slicer will certainly last.

Good And Suitable Size
This model comes in a good size too. Its dimensions are 22 x 16 x 16 inches, while its weight is 40 pounds. Thanks to its size, the slicer fits every professional and home kitchen, as well as a sandwich shop, deli, and more. The slicer is made to fit and meet the needs of its owner and customers/guests.

Best For Chicken Automatic Meat Slicer

Blade, Motor, Speed, Thickness
This 10-inch meat slicer easily slices a variety of food such as meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, frozen ingredients, and more. Thanks to its 240 W motor and excellent rotation speed of 530 rpm, the slicing is done in a matter of seconds. The meat slicer comes with a numerical scale knob that controls the slicing thickness (adjustable up to 0.59 inches).

Components Of Sharpening & Safety
The auto slicer machine has sharpening control buttons. With those components, you can control the sharpening whetstones and easily maintain the blade. The slicer has good safety components such as a waterproof covered power switch and blade cover. Thanks to its bottom feet, it provides great stability.

Short Description:

  • interesting carvings in classic silver attire
  • made of die-cast steel and aluminum
  • size suitable for professional and home kitchens
  • 10-inch blade suitable for slicing meat, cheese, frozen ingredients
  • 240 W motor, 530 rpm, and adjustable slicing thickness
  • blade cover for safety and bottom feet for stability


Globe G12A Slicer

Industrial Silver Attire
The slicer comes with industrial attire. It looks good and professional thanks to its sleek and clean lines of the design, as well as its perfect workmanship. The slicer comes with a silver body and black details. It also has interesting carvings. This is a good model suitable for any kitchen.

BEST FOR BACON: Globe G12A Automatic Meat Slicer

Big, Heavy & Convenient For Commercial Use
The food slicer comes with the dimensions of 25 x 28 x 32 inches, as well as with a weight of 109 pounds. Due to its size, the Globe automatic meat slicer comes heavy and big in size so it is more convenient for commercial use than home purposes. But in case you want it for home use, you can easily and safely store it inside a storage room when you’re not using it.

2 Materials Of The Making
The automatic meat cutter is constructed of a combination of 2 high-quality materials. Its body is made of aluminum and it comes with a few components made of stainless steel. This material combination is strong and durable, and it guarantees the slicer’s impeccable durability.

Best For Bacon Automatic Meat Slicer

12-Inch Blade & 2 Operation Modes
This model is suitable for both manual and automatic operations so you can use it according to your needs and preferences. Its blade comes 12 inches in diameter, it is round and sharp, and due to that, suitable for slicing bacon, ham, frozen and fresh meat, as well as other ingredients like cheese and bread.

HP Motor And Adjustable Thickness Control
Thanks to its strong HP motor, the automatic meat slicer provides great efficiency and good working hours. It also comes with an adjustable thickness control. Its maximum slicing thickness is 0.5 inches. The meat slicer is stable during the slicing operation (and while stored) thanks to its well-designed bottom feet.

Short Description:

  • industrial attire with sleek and professional design
  • big, heavy, and durable model made of aluminum and steel
  • suitable for both manual and automatic operation
  • 12-inch blade great for slicing bacon, meat, bread, and more
  • HP motor ensures good slicing efficiency
  • adjustable thickness control and stable bottom feet

What To Consider About Automatic Meat Slicers

The fully automatic models of meat slicers are great models with which you save strength and time but which components of such a model are a must? Here are a few guidelines that will ease up your search and help you choose the best slicer!

Automatic Models – these models are really rare and they are often mistaken for semi-automatic ones (they combine manual and automatic operation). But don’t worry, you can always trust brands like KWS, Yescom, and Globe Products. They produce automatic models with strong motors, good working hours, and impeccable efficiency and durability.

Strong & Durable Construction – in order to have a strong automatic meat slicer that can easily withstand numerous uses per day, week, and year, it must come with good construction. The best models are made of metal such as aluminum or stainless steel, or a combination of these 2 materials. Both of them are sturdy, durable, and resistant to rust and time.

Good Motor Power – to have an efficient model, it must have good motor power. Make sure to choose a slicer that comes with at least a 240 W motor. This power ensures good rotation speed too (up to 530 rpm).

About Blade – pick out a model that comes with a strong and sharp stainless steel blade (makes it harder to blunt). When it comes to the blade’s size, have in mind that the bigger the diameter, the better suitability with a variety of ingredients. Due to that, the 10-inch or 12-inch blades are great for slicing food, chicken, bacon, and more.

Components Of Safety & Stability – the electric food slicers are sharp and due to that, dangerous to use in case you don’t have any practice. But, the professional user or not, make sure to choose a model that comes with safety components such as a blade cover (known as a ring guard) and stable bottom feet.

To Wrap It Up

The automatic meat slicer that I recommend is the KWS MS-12A meat slicer. I would recommend this model because it comes with strong aluminum and steel construction. It has a 420 W motor and 12-inch blade suitable for slicing different meat, bacon, bread, vegetables, and more. This model has 45-degree angled carriage, a ring guard, and stable rubber feet. If you’re looking for commercial models suitable for slicing different ingredients, read this post about commercial food slicers. If you’re interested in slicers for home use, check out this post about electric meat slicers for home use.

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