Best 6 Modern Toasters That Fits Contemporary Kitchen Design

You’re looking for a modern toaster with a sleek design, futuristic attire, and great efficiency?

Keep reading this post to find your modern match!

Today, we are talking about 6 toasters with modern designs. They are aesthetic and efficient and besides their modernity, they are designed to provide 2 things – impeccable performance and a great toasting experience. Read this post and find out which model is the one for you!

The Rundown

Best Of Best Modern Toaster
Hamilton Beach 22791 Modern Toaster RundownHamilton Beach 22791 Toaster
With its modern and elegant design, the toaster comes in a smaller size but it has 3 basic functions and 7 browning levels.
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Best 2-Slice Modern Toaster
Secura STO2-410D Toaster RundownSecura STO2-410D Toaster
With its futuristic design, the toaster comes with good safety components like anti-overheat protection and auto shut off.
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Best 4-Slice Modern Toaster
Black+Decker TR4310FBD Modern Toaster RundownBlack+Decker TR4310FBD Toaster
The toaster comes with a beautiful ombre finish and it has 4 slots with self-centering guides to ensure even heating and toasting.
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Best Mid-Century Modern Toaster
KitchenAid KMT4203SR Automatic Toaster RundownKitchenAid KMT4203SR Toaster
The toaster combines 2 styles, modern and retro, and it has 4 toasting modes and wide slots suitable for various ingredients.
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Best Ultra-Modern Toaster
Revolution Cooking R180 Modern Toaster RundownRevolution Cooking R180 Toaster
The minimalistic toaster comes with a touchscreen that controls 5 food settings, 3 toasting modes, and 7 browning levels.
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Best White Modern Toaster
Black+Decker TR2200WSD Toaster RundownBlack+Decker TR2200WSD Toaster
It’s an all-white toaster, has a plastic body and metal slots, and it is suitable for toasting bread and bagels.
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6 Best Modern Toasters

Best Of Best Modern Toaster

Hamilton Beach 22791 Toaster

Stylish Desing Lines For Modernity & Elegance
This is quite a beautiful and elegant kitchen appliance. It comes with impeccable workmanship and stylish design lines which contribute to its modernity and elegance. The body of this toaster is in a combination of polished and brushed silver (chrome). The control knob is the only part that has a bit of black color.

Hamilton Beach 22791 Modern Toaster 

Stainless Steel Body
The Hamilton Beach modern chrome 2 slice toaster is entirely made of stainless steel. This material is quite amazing for toasters since it doesn’t rust, deform, or break, and it is suitable for high temperatures since it is resistant to heat. This stainless steel toaster is designed to last.

Smaller Model With Good Toasting Performance
The dimensions of this modern toaster are 7.5 x 12.2 x 8.38 inches, while its weight is 3.64 pounds. Due to that, the toaster presents a smaller model suitable for every space, no matter how big or small it is. The toaster has good power and it provides good toasting performance and experience.

Hamilton Beach 22791 Modern Toaster Review

Basic Functions
This model comes with a few basic functions. It has a defrost mode which is designed specifically for frozen slices of bread and while defrosting, this mode preserves the natural taste of wheat. Also, it has a bagel mode designed to make perfectly toasted bagels. If you want to stop the process, the toaster has a cancel function.

Wide Slots & Customization Settings
The stainless steel 2 slice toaster has 7 different levels of browning and crispiness so you can customize your toast. The toaster’s slots are extra-wide in order to be suitable for a variety of ingredients. Due to that, this model is great for toasting bread, bagels, and different buns. The toaster has an automatic shut off.

Short Description:

  • modern and elegant design in polished and brushed silver
  • comes with stainless steel body
  • smaller in size so suitable for every space
  • comes with 2 modes and a cancel function
  • 7 levels of browning and crispiness
  • comes with automatic shut off

Best 2-Slice Modern Toaster

Secura STO2-410D Toaster

Futuristic Model With Simple Attire
This is quite an attractive and futuristic model with amazing workmanship and clean design lines. The toaster combines 2 timeless colors, brushed silver and black. It has a simple and minimalistic attire but due to that, it looks quite aesthetic and interesting. The toaster looks impressive placed on the kitchen countertop.

Secura STO2-410D Toaster 

Small, Portable & High-Quality
This modern toaster comes in the dimensions of 11.1 x 7.5 x 6.6 inches, while its weight is 3.3 pounds. Its lightweight and small, and due to that, it is portable, suitable for limited spaces, and traveling. Besides that, the toaster is durable thanks to its high-quality stainless steel body.

850 W And 1.5 Inches Wide Slots
For great toasting performance and efficiency, this model has 850 W of power. This is quite a good power suitable for providing a great toasting experience. The toaster has 2 slots. They are 1.5 inches wide and thanks to that, they are suitable for waffles, white bread, bagels, different buns, and more.

Secura STO2-410D Toaster Review

Defrost, Reheat, Bagel
To be adjustable for different ingredients and toasting processes, this silver toaster has defrost, reheat, and bagel mode. In case you want or need to stop the toasting earlier, you can use a cancel function. The time of the toasting process depends, of course, on the settings you choose.

7 Shade Levels With LED Display
Like many other toasters, this too has shade levels. You can choose between 7 levels and you set them with a button. The shade level is shown on the LED display which certainly eases up the setting of the toaster (and contributes to its modernity). This model has good safety components such as anti-overheat protection and auto shut off.

Short Description:

  • futuristic design in black and silver
  • small and lightweight model made of stainless steel
  • comes with a power of 850 W and 1.5 inches wide slots
  • 3 toasting modes (defrost, reheat, bagel)
  • 7 shade levels with LED display
  • auto shut off and anti-overheat protection

Best 4-Slice Modern Toaster

Black+Decker TR4310FBD Toaster

Amazing Body With Ombre Finish
The toaster looks quite impressive. It is modern, elegant, and beautiful, and its workmanship is impeccable. The toaster has an ombre finish so its bottom is in black and it gradually goes through different shades of grey to light and clear silver. The toaster looks amazing and it fits a contemporary kitchen just perfectly.

Black+Decker TR4310FBD Modern Toaster 

Bigger Model Made Of Stainless Steel
With the dimensions of 11.5 x 10.8 x 7.3 inches, as well as with a weight of 7.3 pounds, the toaster requires a bit of countertop space but thanks to its design, it contributes to the kitchen’s modernity and elegance. This model is entirely made of stainless steel and due to that, it presents a high-quality and durable toaster.

1500 W & Dual Control
In order to be efficient, as well as to ensure impeccable toasting performance, the toaster comes with 1500 W. This power is great and quite suitable for home use and good toasting experience. The toaster has 4 slots and each pair of the slots (2+2) has its own control settings.

Black+Decker TR4310FBD Modern Toaster Review

Simple To Use With 3 Buttons And 1 Knob
This modern toaster is really easy to use. It has 3 toasting modes (reheat, bagel, defrost) controlled by 3 buttons, while the 7 browning and crispiness levels are controlled by a simple knob. These options are great for adjusting the toaster to your desired ingredients, toasting process, and browning degree.

4 Slots With Self-Centering Guides
The toaster has 4 extra-wide slots. They present a perfect fit for bagels, as well as for thick and thin slices of bread. Each slot has self-centering guides that hold the slice in a perfect position to ensure even heating and toasting. The black 4 slice toaster has a high-lift lever (in case the toast doesn’t pop up high enough) and 2 pull out crumb trays.

Short Description:

  • amazing and beautiful design with ombre finish
  • bigger in size and made of stainless steel
  • comes with a power of 1500 W and dual control
  • 3 toasting modes and 7 browning levels (simple to use)
  • extra-wide slots with self-centering guides for even heating
  • high-lift lever and 2 crumb trays

Best Mid-Century Modern Toaster

KitchenAid KMT4203SR Toaster

Sugar Pearl Silver Body
With a combination of 2 styles, modern and retro, the toaster presents a great mid-century model. It has simple and beautiful design lines that emphasize its beauty. The body of this mid century modern toaster is in sugar pearl silver color. Due to its impressive design and combination of the styles, the toaster is great for contemporary interiors and kitchens.

KitchenAid KMT4203SR Toaster Review

2 Materials Of The Making
The toaster is a great high-quality and durable model, thanks to its 2 materials of the making, plastic and metal. The body is constructed of strong plastic material which requires low maintenance since it is resistant to fingerprints. The slots are made of metal which is resistant to high temperatures.

Big Model
The toaster’s dimensions are 13.7 x 12.7 x 9 inches, while its weight is 19.01 pounds. This is a big toaster that requires space for placing, using, and storing. Due to its design, you can simply place the toaster on the kitchen countertop, it’ll look amazing there.

KitchenAid KMT4203SR Toaster

Wide Slots With Automatic Operation
The toaster is quite big but it has 4 wide slots suitable for various ingredients such as thick and thin slices of bread, bagels, buns, English muffins, and more. The slots have self-centering racks in order to provide even heating and toasting. The toaster automatically lowers and lifts the toast.

Dual Control With 4 Modes
Each pair of slots has its individual control settings. The toaster has 4 buttons with 4 modes. It has bagel, frozen, “a little longer”, and toast modes. The toast button is also for a cancel function. For the customization of the toast, this model has 7 browning settings, from light to medium and dark.

Short Description:

  • combines modern and retro style in a beautiful silver color
  • body made of plastic, slots made of metal
  • a big model with 4 wide slots
  • automatic operation of lowering and lifting the toast
  • 4 toasting modes and 7 browning settings

Best Ultra-Modern Toaster

Revolution Cooking R180 Toaster

Brushed Body With A Touchscreen
The toaster has a quite minimalistic and simple design, but its workmanship is just amazing. The toaster looks beautiful with its brushed silver body and black bottom feet. One thing that makes this toaster to stand out is a big touchscreen on its front side.

Revolution Cooking R180 Modern Toaster 

Modern & Compact
The dimensions of this modern toaster are 11.65 x 6.13 x 8.4 inches, while it weighs 7.83 pounds. This is a compact model and thanks to its dimensions and size, it is suitable for places with limited space such as apartments, dorm rooms, RVs, boats, and more. Due to its design and size, the toaster is perfect for contemporary interiors.

Durable & Efficient With Wide Slots
The toaster is made of high-quality and durable materials and it comes with good power that ensures its efficiency. The toaster has 2 well-designed and wide slots suitable for different ingredients like bagels, waffles, bread, and more. Thanks to the well-made heating elements, the toaster provides a quick and efficient toasting process.

Revolution Cooking R180 Modern Toaster Review

5 Food Settings
This model has a big touchscreen with all the right control settings. In order to prepare and make perfect toasts from a variety of ingredients, the toaster has 5 food settings. These settings are specifically designed for toasting bread, bagels, English muffins, waffles, and toaster parties. All you need to do is to choose a picture of the desired ingredient.

Adjustable Modes & Browning Settings
Besides the specific food settings, this compact toaster also has 3 toasting modes, fresh, frozen, and reheat. To customize your toast even more, you can choose between 7 browning levels. Also, don’t worry about the brightness of the touchscreen, it is adjustable. The toaster is safe and stable thanks to its automatic lower and lift system and bottom feet.

Short Description:

  • minimalistic design with a brushed body
  • comes in a compact size with a modern touchscreen
  • 5 food settings, 3 toasting modes, and 7 browning levels
  • all settings are controlled on the touchscreen
  • adjustable touchscreen brightness
  • automatic lower and lift system

Best White Modern Toaster

Black+DeckerTR2200WSD Toaster

White Attire With Silver Details
The toaster comes with a good first impression thanks to its elegant design. It looks modern and bright due to its stylish white body with silver details. The toaster has simple lines of the design and in the combination with white color, it has quite an impressive attire.

Black+Decker TR2200WSD Toaster 

Plastic Model & Metal Slots
This modern toaster is made of plastic. That means that it requires minimal maintenance thanks to its components that are resistant to fingerprints. Besides that, plastic is a strong and high-quality material that doesn’t rust. The slots are made of sturdy and food-safe metal.

Lightweight And In Suitable Size
The white 2 slice toaster comes with the dimensions of 7.8 x 11.85 x 9.45 inches, as well as with a weight of 3.25 pounds. This is a lightweight model with a size suitable for both smaller and bigger places. The toaster is designed to provide good working hours and a great toasting performance.

Black+Decker TR2200WSD Toaster Review

Control Settings
Besides its beautiful and elegant aesthetic, the modern white toaster also has great components of efficiency. It has 2 working modes, bagel and defrost, which are controlled by 2 buttons. The toaster has one simple knob for setting the desired crispiness level (7 options). The knob is also a cancel button.

Self-Centering Guides
The slots are designed to fit thick and thin slices of bread and bagels. They have self-centering guides that hold the bread in a good position while toasting. The guides ensure even heating. To safely remove the toast, use a high-lift lever. This component prevents the burning of your fingers.

Short Description:

  • elegant design and modern white attire
  • comes with a plastic body and metal slots
  • a lightweight model suitable for bigger and smaller places
  • 2 working modes (bagel and defrost) and 7 crispiness levels
  • slots have self-centering guides for even heating

What To Consider About Modern Toasters

In case you don’t know a lot about this type of toaster, we got you covered. Here are a few guidelines that should ease up the search for an aesthetic and modern model (suitable for your needs) with great efficiency and impeccable performance!

Modern Design & Colors – when looking for a modern model, check out its design. It can be minimalistic with interesting details and shapes or in a futuristic attire with unique design lines. Of course, color is also one of the keys to modernity. Go with black, silver, or all-white models. The combination of these colors also works great for modern models.

Components Of Modernity – the modern toasters can be just classic ones with elegant workmanship and clean and sleek design lines but if you’re looking for modern components, look for toasters with LED displays and touchscreen.

Model Suitable For The Needs – of course, these models also come as 2-slice or 4-slice toasters. Choose according to your needs. If you want to toast just for you or you need a toaster suitable for apartment, traveling, or RV, pick out a 2-slice model (these models are often toasters under $50). If you have family and you enjoy making breakfast for every member of your household, choose a 4-slice toaster.

Impeccable Performance – naturally, you want a toaster that is efficient and which provides a great toasting operation. In order to have such a model, check out its power. It should have at least 850 W.

Slots With Guides – you don’t want a toaster that burns one side, while the other one has light to medium shade. To have a perfect model, choose a wide slot toaster (suitable for thick and thin ingredients) with self-centering guides. The guides hold the slice in a perfect spot to ensure even heating and toasting.

To Wrap It Up

The best modern toaster is the Secura STO2-410D toaster. This model comes with a futuristic design in black and silver, and it provides great toasting operation thanks to its power of 850 W. The toaster has 1.5 inches wide slots suitable for toasting different ingredients. It also has 3 adjustable modes and 7 browning settings with an LED display. This model is safe due to its auto shut off and anti-overheat protection. If you’re looking for more models with digital components, read this post about digital 4 slice toasters. If you want a classic model, be sure to check out this post about classic toasters.

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