Best 6 Glass Citrus Juicers For Lemons & Oranges Reviewed

You decided to get a glass citrus juicer for lemons & oranges but you’re not sure which model is suitable for both?

Keep reading this post to find out everything you need to know about choosing the best glass model!

In these 6 reviews are 6 different models. Each and every one of them comes with great qualities, interesting designs, and good specifications. Which model to choose, the one that comes in a set of 2 or as a single model? Smaller or a bit bigger? Made for home or for beginners? Read this post and find the best glass model suitable for you and your household!

The Rundown

Norpro Citrus Juicer RundownNorpro Citrus Juicer
With its beautiful design lines, the juicer is well-made and is suitable for squeezing and juicing limes, lemons, and smaller oranges.
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Kilner Juicer RundownKilner Juicer
This juicer comes as a set of 2, a mason jar with a capacity of 17 oz, and a reamer with a well-designed cone.
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Hic Citrus Juicer RundownHic Citrus Juicer
With impressively designed carvings, the juicer comes smaller in size but it is perfect for juicing, making smoothies, and marinades.
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Godinger Manual Juicer RundownGodinger Manual Juicer
With beautiful and elegant design lines, this antique juicer is made of lead-free crystal and comes with a reamer and a juice bowl.
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Destalya Citrus Juicer RundownDestalya Citrus Juicer
With quite a unique design, the juicer has beautiful design lines and can hold up the juice from 1 orange or 2 lemons at once.
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Luminarc Squeezer RundownLuminarc Squeezer
The minimalistic but impressive glass squeezer comes with a filtration system for collecting pulp and seeds.
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Best 6 Glass Citrus Juicers For Lemons & Oranges


Norpro Citrus Juicer

Beautiful Design & Impressive Workmanship
This beautifully designed juicer comes with impressive workmanship and pretty design lines. It is made of clear glass with a cone that has well-distributed carvings for squeezing and juicing the citrus fruit. The juicer is designed to be an almost flat cup with a handle and it has a good height to collect the squeezed juice.

Norpro Citrus Juicer

Medium Size And High-Quality Glass
The manual orange juicer comes in medium size. Its dimensions are 6 x 6 x 2 inches, while it weighs 1.1 pounds. Due to the fact that is made of high-quality glass, the juicer is durable, while the design of the cone makes it efficient. Thanks to the size suitable for home use, this glass citrus juicer doesn’t require much storage space.

Suitable For Lemons, Limes, And Smaller Oranges
In order to be suitable for different types of citrus fruit, the juicer comes with a well-made cone. It is not quite big, but it surely is suitable for squeezing and juicing lemons and limes, as well as smaller oranges. The cone has good carvings that make the juicing operation quite easy and quick.

Norpro Citrus Juicer Review

2 Cups Of Capacity
Since this glass lemon squeezer is designed as a cup to collect the squeezed juice, it surely eases up the use and the pouring of the juice. It comes with a good capacity for 2 cups. Once you’re done with juicing, hold the juicer by the handle and pour the juice through a spout into a glass, pitcher, or baking ingredients.

Hand Wash Required
The juicer is not dishwasher safe. Due to that, it requires to be hand washed in the sink. Use lukewarm water, mild soap, and a cleaning cloth. Dry it afterward and place it in a safe place. Make sure to store in a place where it doesn’t risk falling and breaking.

Short Description:

  • beautifully cup-designed with impressive workmanship
  • made of high-quality glass in medium size
  • well-made cone suitable for lemons, limes, and oranges
  • comes with a handle and a spout
  • the capacity of 2 cups of juice
  • hand wash only


Kilner Juicer

Mason Jar With A Lid & Reamer
This juicer comes as a set of 2. It comes with a mason jar with a lid and a reamer that fits perfectly to the jar’s top. Both pieces come with good workmanship and quite beautiful design lines. The cone looks a bit bigger but the carvings are sharp and well-distributed. The juicer is clear, while the lid of the mason jar comes with a touch of orange color.

Kilner Juicer 

Quality Glass For Efficiency And Durability
The glass citrus juicer is made of high-quality and food-safe glass. It doesn’t odor and it is resistant to stains. Due to that, it presents an efficient and durable kitchen tool. The dimensions of this glass orange juicer are 5.91 x 5.91 x 8.27 inches, while its weight is 1.1 pounds.

The Capacity of 17 oz
In order to be a good home juicer, this model comes as a set. The reamer is well-designed and its size is suitable for juicing limes, lemon, oranges, and even grapefruits. While juicing, the juice pours into a mason jar that can then be closed with a lid and stored in a refrigerator. The mason jar’s capacity is 17 oz.

Kilner Juicer Review

No Loss Of The Freshness And Nutrients
Thanks to the silicone placed on the lid, the mason jar is sealed when stored, so the juice doesn’t lose its freshness and nutrients,. When it comes to the use of the glass orange juicer, it’s quite easy. It only requires cutting the citrus fruit in half and then placing the soft flesh on a reamer.

Safe For Hand Wash And Dishwasher
Thanks to the well-design and high-quality material of the making, this manual lemon squeezer is safe to be placed inside the dishwasher. Due to that, it’ll be clean in a matter of minutes. It is also okay to wash it by hand. You can use mild soap and a cloth and you’ll be done within seconds. Thanks to the design of this juicer, it doesn’t produce any additional mess.

Short Description:

  • comes as a set of 2, a reamer and mason jar with a lid
  • made of food-safe and high-quality glass
  • the mason jar has a capacity of 17 oz
  • easily stored in a refrigerator while preserving freshness
  • suitable for both hand wash and dishwasher


Hic Citrus Juicer

Cup With A Handle, Spout, And Cone
Thanks to quite impressively designed carvings, the glass lemon juicer looks beautiful and elegant. It comes in a design of a cup with a handle, a well-made spout, and a cone in the middle. The cone has rather good carvings suitable for quick and easy juicing. Due to its simplicity, the juicer is a good fit for any kitchen style.

Hic Citrus Juicer 

Smaller Size Suitable For Lemons & Limes
When it comes to the size of this glass citrus juicer, it comes in the dimensions of 2 x 3 x 6 inches, while it weighs 1 pound. It is a bit smaller in size, but it is suitable for lemons and limes, as well as for smaller oranges. The juicer is made of heavyweight quality glass.

Well-Distributed Carvings On The Cone
The pointed cone is made to ease up the juicing process. It has sharp and well-distributed carvings that meet at a top. Due to that, this glass lemon squeezer needs just a bit of pressure for juicing, while the cone will do its job. Thanks to the cup height, the juicer can collect a good amount of juice per couple of lemons or limes.

Hic Citrus Juicer Review

Simple And Easy To Use
In order to use it, you need to cut the desired citrus fruit in half. After you do that, just press its flesh onto the pointed cone and rotate it a couple of times until it’s dry. The juice will start to pour immediately. When you’re done with the juicing, hold the juicer by its handle and just pour the juice through the spout. Simple and easy.

A Bit Of Additional Mess
This model is a manual lemon juicer that produces a bit of spillage while juicing. Due to that, be sure to use it on a flat and clean surface, perhaps on a kitchen countertop. Despite that, the juicer is great for preparing fresh beverages, smoothies, marinades, and more. In order to clean it, hand-wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap.

Short Description:

  • the juicer presents a cup with a reamer, handle, and spout
  • smaller in size so more suitable for lemons and limes
  • efficient due to the well-made cone
  • well-designed juicer for simple juicing operation
  • produces a bit of additional spillage


Godinger Manual Juicer

Elegant Antique Model
Beautiful and elegant, this glass lemon juicer comes in a minimalistic design but with great workmanship. It comes as a set of 2, a well-made reamer and a bigger juice bowl. Both pieces present a perfect match for each other. The bowl has beautiful carvings that make this model an elegant antique lemon juicer.

Godinger Manual Juicer 

Lead-Free Crystal Made
In order to be an efficient, durable, and quality glass citrus juicer, this model is made of lead-free crystal. Due to that, this is a high-quality model made for juicing lemons and oranges. Its dimensions are 6 x 4 x 7 inches, while its weight is 1 ounce.

Made For Quick And Efficient Juicing
The glass orange squeezer comes with a good design of the reamer. It has well-distributed carvings suitable for quick and efficient juicing, while the juice bowl automatically collects the squeezed juice. Thanks to the handle and spout placed on the bowl, this juicer is also a pitcher. You can easily lift it up and pour the juice to every household member.

Godinger Manual Juicer Review

Minimal Mess & Spillages
Thanks to the 2 parts that are a perfect match, the juicer produces minimal additional spillage and mess. It presents a beautiful antique piece suitable for families and bigger households, and an efficient juicer suitable for limes, lemons, and oranges. To juice, just cut the fruit it half and you’re good to go.

Clean Within Seconds
In order to clean the glass orange juicer, you need to use your hands. That is the safest way of cleaning, but don’t worry, it won’t take a lot of your time, only a few seconds! Rinse it with some lukewarm water and use a mild soap and a cleaning cloth. When you’re done, dry it and store it in a safe place.

Short Description:

  • beautiful and elegant antique juicer in a set of 2
  • made of lead-free crystal so it is a high-quality model
  • well-made cone suitable for lemons and oranges
  • produces minimal additional mess and spillage
  • hand wash with lukewarm water and a mild soap


Destalya Citrus Juicer

Beautiful Old-Fashioned Design
This glass lemon juicer comes in a beautiful design. It comes in clear glass with great carvings that make this model an impressive old-fashioned juicer. This model comes as just a reamer and its cup. The juicer has carvings all over the cup while the cone is surrounded by small protrusions.

Destalya Citrus Juicer 

Easy To Store
The glass citrus juicer comes smaller in size. That means that it can easily be stored inside a kitchen drawer or maybe a cabinet. Due to its beautiful design, the juicer is also suitable for placing on a kitchen countertop. It will surely brighten up the entire interior.

Smaller Juice Capacity
In order to present a high-quality model, this juicer is made of heavyweight glass. Its small juice bowl can collect smaller amounts of the squeezed juice, but to ease up the continuous pouring, the juicer has a good handle and a spout. The juicer can collect the juice from around 1 orange or 2 lemons at once.

Destalya Citrus Juicer Review

Small Protrusions For Filtration
This glass orange juicer has a well-designed cone that ensures quick and efficient squeezing and juicing. The cone is also surrounded by small protrusions that filter a good amount of pulp and seeds. Despite that, the juice has a bit of pulp but that amount is good for density and nutrients.

Not Dishwasher Safe
In order to clean this juicer, do not put it into a dishwasher. Just rinse it with some water and mild soap, and that’s all it takes. Once it is dry, store it in a drawer or a cabinet and make sure to keep it away from the kids, since the juicer can break if it falls.

Short Description:

  • old-fashioned and beautiful design
  • smaller in size so quite easy to store it
  • hold up the juice from 1 orange or 2 lemons at once
  • comes with protrusions for filtration
  • hand wash required, not dishwasher safe


Luminarc Squeezer

Impressive Look And Good Workmanship
This minimalistic glass lemon squeezer has clean and smooth design lines. It offers quite an impressive first look due to its good workmanship. It comes with 3 small handles, a well-designed cone, and small carvings that surround the cone. This is quite a beautiful juicing model.

Luminarc Squeezer

Standard Size
The juicer comes in the dimensions of 5.12 x 5.12 x 2.76 inches and with a weight of 8.68 ounces. This is quite a standard size so the juicer doesn’t require much storage space, it can be easily stored in a kitchen cabinet or a drawer.

Carvings And Sharp Pointed Top
This glass lemon juicer comes with a well-made cone. It has a good amount of carvings that are distributed to ensure good and efficient juicing without taking a lot of your time. The carvings meet at a sharp pointed top and are most suitable for juicing lemons and oranges.

Luminarc Squeezer Review

Filtration For A Perfect Juice Density
Besides the good cone, the glass citrus juicer comes with small carvings that surround the cone. These carvings are made to collect pulp and seeds. Despite the fact that they do not collect all the unwanted content from the juice, they contribute to the production of fresh beverages with a perfect density.

Safe Storage Required
This glass juicer is well-made so it is suitable and safe for a dishwasher. You can also wash it in the sink with water and mild soap. Once you’re done with the cleaning, make sure to store the juicer in a safe place, somewhere away from a possible falling and breaking.

Short Description:

  • impressive and beautiful design
  • standard size so doesn’t require much storage space
  • well-made cone with good carvings and sharp top
  • small carvings for filtration of pulp and seeds
  • requires safe storage to prevent falling and breaking

What To Consider About Glass Citrus Juicers For Lemons & Oranges

When it comes to the glass citrus juicers for lemons & oranges, you need to have in mind some of their key components. Read this guide and learn why to choose a set of 2 or a single model with good height, what are well-distributed carvings, which cone is suitable for lemons and oranges, and what about safe storage.

Set Of 2 – the glass juicers for lemons & oranges come as a single model (just a reamer) or as a set of 2. The set of 2 is a better option since it comes with a reamer and a juice bowl which is also a pitcher with a handle or a mason jar which is great for storing the juice. Each model option works.

Good Height Of A Single Model – if you choose to get a single and manual model and not a set of 2, make sure to pick out a model that comes with higher edges. That component makes sure to collect the juice inside the cup, not all over your countertop.

Cone Suitable For Citrus Fruit – in order to have a glass juicer that is suitable for both lemons and oranges, make sure to choose a juicer that has a cone of medium size. This size is suitable for smaller and larger lemons and oranges.

Well-Distributed Carvings – glass juicer for lemons & oranges needs to be efficient. In order to have such a model, choose the one that comes with well-distributed carvings on a cone. That means that the carvings are well-made and distributed throughout the cone. Due to that, squeezing and juicing will be more efficient.

Safe Storage Needed – as you probably know, every glass juicer needs good and safe storage since it can fall and break at any time. In order to prevent that, be sure to store the juicer inside the kitchen cabinet, drawer, storage room, or on some higher place in order to keep it away from the kids.

To Wrap It Up

The glass citrus juicer for lemons & oranges that I recommend is Kilner Juicer. I would recommend this model because it is made of high-quality glass and it comes in a great set of 2, a reamer and a mason jar with a lid. Due to that, the juice pours directly into a jar and it can be sealed and stored in a refrigerator without losing its freshness and nutrients. The mason jar can hold up to 17 oz of fresh lemon or orange juice. If you’re looking for more juicers made of glass, read this post about glass orange juicers. If you’re interested in an electric model suitable for both lemons and oranges, check out this post about lemon and orange juicers.

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