How Do We Research And Create Our Content?

What Is The Base Of Our Work?

Our work is based on discovering, researching, writing, and finally publishing educational articles useful for every household as well as product reviews also helpful in a household. The content we publish is based on verified and transparent information. We get feedback from experts and people with experience so no article includes fake or false information. To provide the readers with verified information only, we spend about 400 hours weekly searching for reliable facts.

The process of writing the articles and reviews is based on questions such as: Who do I write this article for? What answers are the readers waiting for? What the readers should know so what should I point out?

The process of writing does not begin before we consult the experts who can verify the information we have collected and give us some new details. Just like that, we don’t publish an article before we get feedback from the experts.

The Steps In Creating Credible Content





Reviews And Educational Articles

On Kitchentoast, you can find articles that can educate you about the theme you are interested in and there are reviews of the products you may need in your household. Behind creating both types of articles lies detailed research and consultations with experts. Our mission is to help the readers, therefore we check out every information we gain during the research.

Educational Articles

We are always in touch with our associate experts or in some cases contact other experts who might know more about the subject we are writing about. Besides, we research the topic in literature and use our own experience or the experience of other people. We contact chefs, nutritionists, doctors, and more experts who are open to help us. We often mention the real experiences of real people to provide our reader with the tricks that really function. Our guide is based on real-life examples.

KitchenToast Editor Policy

Product Reviews

Except for the educational articles, you can find the reviews that may help you to choose the right kitchen appliance for you. The main question related to the reviews is how we detect the products worth buying. The answer is that we consider customers’ reviews and ratings of the experts. The reviews of the real customers are only valid so we avoid fake customers. The system that eliminates fake information often helps us to enter only valid info into the text.

We single out 5-10 products with the best reviews from ordinary people and experts. We choose the products that meet the needs of readers and fit the category we are writing about. We do detailed research about each product and in some cases, we test it to prove the information we came to while researching. Then the process of writing begins.

  • Research – we search for the products people need mostly
  • List Of Best Models – we choose the products people rated as worth buying
  • Product Test – If it’s necessary, we test a product to be able to give a verified evaluation
  • Article Writing – Considering the results we came to, we describe the product in detail
  • Guide For Buying – We point out some things you should consider while buying a product
  • Suggestions – We suggest which models might fit your household the best
  • Feedback – Experts check our reviews and give us green light to publish it